Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summertime is FINALLY here!!

Well, here I am again and it has been awhile. I've got to start blogging more regularly! I'm here at my computer every morning- reading my LONG list of blogs. I guess I can say, my name is Lisa and I have a problem. I am addicted to reading blogs. My list grows by the day!...but I can't update my own blog. What is wrong with that?! I just wish I could make my more ARTSY-FARTSY.. that is my new terminology for a lot of things! :)

I do have some pictures to share though...
These are my recent finds at the local antique store.
Well, shoot! I can't find the picts. Apparently I deleted them off my computer. Goodness only knows what went with them!! Oh, well, I'll just tell you.
I got 2 really cool really old dictionaries. I don't know if I can stand to cut them up or not! Old milk caps. They are so neat. I got these because Jenni Bowlin used some on a layout and they were perfect! She has a ton more up at her store, but I just got a few. I'd like to find some more-different ones. Hmmm.. what eles, oh yes some old thread on wooden spools. They really look old. 2- 33 records. I'll post the pict of what I do with them later (if it works). Got a big and I mean BIG stack of packaged paper for the boys to draw on. I bet it is 4 inches thick!!legal size paper, manilla color- I may have to sneak in to their stash! OH and I got this cute double sided orange is small, one side for my pens the other for my paintbrushes.
Tools I recently acquired.... a Zutter Bind-It-All (thanks to ebay), a Cuttlebug (thanks to my husband and ebay), a cool set of Stampin' Up "office" stamps (thanks to ebay), a new Fiskars hand drill (thanks to ebay), and ON THE WAY...(YESSSS. FROM EBAY) is a DreamKuts and a Giga square scalloped punch. YES,OH YES... I have spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON EBAY!!!!!!!! But boy, I'm a happer scrapper!! Since I'm off work I've been having so much fun here in my scrap room!! I've been painting and have started a private art journal. I try to write in it daily, well almost daily. I paint in it, and scrapbook in it... things I wouldn't normally do. I've given myself the OK to play in there... do and say anything! It is liberating!! You should try this! I'm doing things in there that I wouldn't even try on a scrapbook page for fear of "messing up"!!

Hubby is gone to town so before he gets back I'm going to go make myself look like I belong in the land of the living!! We are supposed to be putting the pool up today!! Yipppeee!!! I can't wait! Since I'm off I can go jump in anytime I want!! I LOVE that I'm home!! I could get used to this!! Better not, when August rolls around it is back to the store I go. Maybe just part time though!

Summer is here, at last. I'll leave you with one picture... this is one of our roses in the front yard. We did not know that it would bloom pink! My hubby was a little disappointed because all the others are red. I, however, was thrilled! So it is My Rosebush now!! Happy Scrappin! !!!

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