Thursday, June 12, 2008


My dear sweet husband got me an ice cream cake for my birthday. He got it from Dairy Queen this morning. He called on the way home upset because they wrote my name in blue. He thought it was awful that it didn't match the rest of the cake. It is fine... the cake was good! It was vanilla ice cream with something thick and chocolatey in the middle with some cookie filling and then a layer of chocolate ice cream. WOW!! IT WAS GOOD!!!

I also got something else. I won 3 auctions on ebay for some milk caps. I got two packages in the mail. I saw these used on Jenni Bowlin's pages from her blog. I looked on ebay for them (I bought a handful in the antique store here at town for 3/$1. I bought 80 on ebay for about $7. I can't wait to use these on my pages!

I have a box full and have more coming! I need to get busy scrappin'!!
I also have another picture... I've been meaning to post if for a while now. I took it last Friday about 5:45 am. My hubby was about to leave for work and I was out on the side of our road (in my PJ's) taking pictures of the sunrise! It was worth it too! I love this picture! Oh, we do live in the country so the traffic is little, if any, that early in the morning!

and another pretty one...

While I'm at it... here are pictures of the first swim of the year. Dakota had a ball! His brother wasn't home at the time or they'd both be swimmin'!! Love being in that pool!!

I really should blog a lot more often! I have things for "show and tell" so I should "show and tell" more than I do!!!

Have to go fill the humingbird feeders and feed my ferns. Need to water the garden again too. We need it to rain more!! I guess it is just the beginning of a dry, hot summer.
Until the next post....Happy Scrappin'

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Camille said...

Very cool. I love the milk caps, those are great.