Thursday, June 12, 2008

Look at THIS!!

This is what Dakota (he's 7) came up with when I gave him some scrap stuff and an old picture of me before all I had all my teeth taken out.

I don't know if you can read the journaling in the blue block, but he wrote moma is butiful without her teeth. It nearly made me cry! He loves me with AND without my teeth :) He says he likes me better without my new ones!!
And I love his first scrapbook page! I'll keep it forever!
Well, it is nearly 10:00 am and I'm still in my PJ's with no makeup and icky hair. My hubby went to get me an ICE CREAM cake for MY BIRTHDAY!! Yep, today I'm 36!! 40 is coming fast :D
I have to go and do the "girl thang" ... you know the hair and makeup- sometimes I wish I could have my makeup TATOOED on!! Ain't I just lazy!!??
Will post more and have more pictures later today sometime. I'm eating cake when he gets back and going to get in the pool!!
Have a great day!!

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