Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Keeli Jo

Good Morning!!
I have an update on our little miracle baby!!
Keeli Jo has gained half an ounce!! I have pictures too...
Seeing this makes me realize just how tiny she is!!!!

Keep her in your prayers, please. They have moved her to Arkansas Children's Hospital. They may have to do surgery to mend a tiny hole in her heart (I think that is what Tiff said). They will go in throuh her back so it is not open heart surgery, but still, it is bad enough. I think she said babies have this normally, but grow inside mom long enough that it closes naturally. Since she was born early she still has it, but they have given her medicine to close it. If the meds don't work, then surgery is the next option.
She is truely a miracle from God. I see that more and more every day! You can tell she is a Landers... she is STRONG!!

Yesterday was my first listing on Etsy. This is what I have listed...

I do hope I can show them on my blog like this... I don't want to break any rules. If I can't somebody, let me know and I'll remove them.

I had SO MUCH FUN making them!! These are a combination of things from a few ideas I've seen lately. Karen from the blog (YOU'LL HAVE TO CUT AND PASTE THE ADDYS TO GO TO... COULDN'T GET THE LINK TO GO IN.. AND THE SAME FOR THE NEXT ONE) she used some great punches to make those cute tags of hers! And Donna Salazar uses the BIG scallops on her pages. I LOVE the scallops, so I adapted my idea from their's. I think these little babies are pretty cute. I cut out a ton of the dictionary scallops last night for my embellishemt buffet for my class next month. I have to come up with LOTS OF EMBELLISHMENTS TO GO ON IT :)

Off to work on a book for a lady. I've got to get it finished and off to her by Sat. of this week.
Have a great day!!
Happy Scrappin' !!

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Camille said...

I have like 2 seconds, but I had to pop on.. LOVE the flowers. Those are just so cute!