Monday, March 15, 2010

Updates on my Scrappy Retreat!

It has been a month since I've posted! You know, I think ALWAYS start my posts out like that. Someone - just HAND ME MY SIGN!!
Been busy. Teaching, planning, designing, playing, living, cleaning, cooking, breathing, spending, waiting, hoping, dreaming.... and the list could go on and on.

This is what I'm hoping, waiting, and dreaming about...
My little building is coming right along! I now have a big picture window thanks to a sweet little man that lives up the road! He is also the owner of two of the cutest little Pomeranian dogs! I want one.. he said he'd try and find us one- sure hope he does! They are just the cutest little fur balls ever! We almost got a Yorkie, but couldn't see spending that much money!
but anyway back to the building...
Here it was last Friday!
Empty and waiting for the drywall man... well he came and went this morning in about 3 hours. It is all up and just needs to be finished out. He said he'll have it all done by Friday! Then it is time to paint- PINK!! Yes that is right- going to paint it pink on the inside! A pale/ vintage pink- not PEPTO BISMOL PINK!! I know what you were thinking!! I have so much stuff I hope it will all fit. I'm going for cube storage and shelves that are pretty tall and PEGBOARD. I think I can cram it all in and still see the floor- maybe not the wall so much!

Will have more pictures later. Right now I'm about to fall asleep in my chair....which I have been known to do on more than one occasion!!

Hope all ya'll out there in blogland have a good night and sweet dreams!
Happy Scrappin'