Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I promised something SCRAPPY yesterday and failed to get it up. I do have something for you this morning though. I went YARD SALEING (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT?) yesterday. This is an activity that I'm growing to LOVE!! I found two little cabinets for my scraproom and I'm giving them a makeover. So next weekend I plan on going again.

Karen over at the polka dot house blog has a feature called EW TO NEW. I love to watch out for her new stuff. This is where she takes something old, refinishes it, and makes is SCRAPPY COOL. You should go on on over to her blog and check out her stuff. I wanted to do something like this so mine is going to be GROSS TO GREAT. And believe me, these two items were definately classified as gross when I started with them-either for their color or just plain ole nastiness. YUCK-O. But when you see what I'm doing to them (hopefully) the reaction will be GREAT!!!
So here they are...
This is a really nice wooden cabinet with glass doors. I plan to paint it white, not sure what else to do with it. It needs some really pretty colorful handles. I think that is where I'll add my splash of color.

This one is a golden brownish metal piece that was used in a bathroom. It has sliding doors on the bottom. I plan to paint it white we see a pattern here? I like white, it makes things so clean and organized. BUT... I do like pink, so I may sneak some pink in with my makeovers... I share my scraproom with my husband so I have to go easy on the poor guy :)

My hubby's hobby is, how do I put it? Well, he collects, plays with, and talks on CB radios. I have this whole room and he has his desk and one small shelf. I feel kind of bad about it... I mean it didn't start out that way. I just kind of took an inch here and he'd give an inch there. So, now this room is SO full you can't fit one more thing in it!!! It is kind of funny. Seriously, there is not one place to put anything in here! I have some space on the walls for my new stuff, but I'll have to move some pictures to get them up :) Let's just say it is FULL! I can almost see the walls breathing in and out about to explode! HEEEheeee....

It is raining here FINALLY! It has been SO dry here- and HOT! I don't really mind the HOT, makes getting in the pool that much better. I do feel sorry for the people that have to work out in it though. I think it has been raining since 5:30 this morning. I was woke up by a loud clap of thunder.
I went out to water my garden last night and soaked it. That is a sure-fire way to make it rain!! I was a walking buffet for the mosquitos. I bet I have 10 bites on me - SERIOUSLY!! They EAT ME UP!! I must just be awfully sweet (I'm batting my eyelashes now ;) ) no, not really. But something about me and my youngest boy, they literally eat us up. Even when we use bug spray. I love going outside, but can't stay out too long. And these bites get huge! They swell up and of course, itch like crazy. But all in all, it was worth it! I watered my garden and it looked SO MUCH better when I was done. I'll post some before and afters of it. I'm pretty proud of that little spot! I did most of it all by myself! Sorry, I lost myself for a minute!

I have a class today. Well, not a class actually. I'm going to a friend's church and she is presenting the class. I'm just a rep. of a company that I'm not supposed to mention anywhere outside of their own websites (I think that is the rule). I do have a blinkie up at the top of my blog though. You can see which one I work for, and it's not Stampin' Up. I've been with them since Feb. I like it too! I've made a little money, got a lot of cool free stuff and had lots of fun!! I do recommend you do it too! Any questions, contact me at

Well, I think I better go gather up my stuff and get it all packed for my little trip. I'll be back this afternoon and maybe post some pictures.

Have a wonderful day and God bless....
Happy Scrappin'

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Camille said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Can't wait to see the finished projects.