Friday, October 3, 2014

October is one of my favorites!

This is a 6x6 canvas made 100% with Faber-Castel Gelatos. I LOVE these!! Easy to apply, contain themselves nicely and great cleanup! What more could a girl want??
I started with yellow, then orange, and then added red (just rubbed them right on the canvas) I added just a tiny bit of water and rubbed with my fingers and blended the colors into one another as I went up into the "sky".
At the bottom I added black, just like above- rubbed it all over the bottom half and added some gray and brown in the areas I wanted little dips in the earth to be (like sunken graves- skeeeeery)
Next I drew a big old tree using the gray Gelato. I added black here and there to give it that old tree look. For the branches I dipped my wet brush into black Gelato that I had rubbed on my mat. I painted black limbs and scary looking "arm-like" branches using black and gray and highlights of white. The crow is painted with black (looks more like a duck in my opinion!)
Lastly, I lightly drew the shape of the old house with black Gelato (leaving tiny spaces for the windows- to be peeked out of!) Color those tiny windows in?? NO! The sky background shows through in the right place so it looks like it's all lit up! (Cookin up somethin creeeeepy in there!!!??) Add some touches of gray and white to the house to give it a look of old wood. And if you look close - you can see the little lady of the house standing on the porch... She's the good witch though- nothing too scary for me!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drawing- makes me so happy!

I have discovered how much I enjoy drawing lately. Just makes me relaxed and so happy. This is my version of a beautiful painting from Pinterest. I wasn't going to attempt the bird so I improvised by giving her a ruffled shirt.