Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gracie the Couch Potato

She's waitin for daddy to come home. This is where he sits and she knows it. She's not gonna miss a thing!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lenses (Alien)

Playing with my apps again! Haven't laughed so hard as I have tonight in a long time!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A fantastic day!!

What a great day we had! A clear blue sky, warm spring- like weather made perfect tree climbing conditions. I've never seen Dakota climb like he did today! He just shimmied right up! Hope y'all all had a great day out in blog land today.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be careful who you talk to on the phone, they might be contagious!

Well, I've dropped the blogging ball - again! Yes, I was doing so good ... and then.....
well here's what's been going on.  I started the She Art Workshop on Feb. 28... the same day I went out of town to go shopping.  Next day enjoyed the videos that went along with it. Love love love Christy Tomlinson! I so want to just BE her! Wed. still loving the videos and playing around with a canvas I'd started earlier (the one in below in a previous post) Thur. went to get groceries and that usually takes all day as I drag my feet (that is what the hubs calls it) at getting it done.  But hey, I usually don't go anywhere during the week so my trip to WalMart is like a mini vacation, so I look- at everything. You'd think I'd never been in there before I look so much, thinking I might find something new  HA HA! Ok, back to the whining/ er I mean story... Before me and my lil guy left Thurs. morning he asked if he could stay with his mawmaw.  So he called her and we found out she was really bad sick.  I told her I'd take her to the ER as she thought that was what she needed to do because she couldn't get her doctor on the phone.  She  told me no she didn't want me around her because she didn't want me to get sick.  WELL, LET ME JUST TELL YOU.... I GOT IT ANYWAY AND I GOT IT THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO ON THE PHONE, THEY MIGHT BE CONTAGIOUS!!  So mom is STILL sick and SO AM I!!! I'm better and so is she, but  a long way from A-OK.  I STILL cannot smell OR taste anything and it is driving me C-R-A-Z-Y! I mean I know there are worse things in life as I was sick last Sat, Sun, and Monday and stuck in bed and DIDN'T care that I couldn't taste.  I would just like to rush things along. Hey the good news is if ya can't taste you won't overeat.  I've been wondering why bother lately.... seems like a waste, to eat food you can't taste.  Or why eat 2 slices of pizza? Thinking if you keep eating it might come back? Nope, tried that, didn't work either!
It hasn't been all bad though.  I got an order from Scarlet Lime with my mixed media order, received my swaps from the Flea Market Matchbox Swap and they were fantastic I might add.  ****Will post more about that later****
Well, now that I feel like setting up and messing with this computer I think I'll go check my blogs I read and just enjoy not feeling like mud under a shoe!
More creative stuff later as I've started 2 new She Art projects. I'll have to post those, and oh yeah! I have a new niece! She is adorable!! Hailyn is her name.  She is so sweet and makes me want another one so bad.  BUT I snap back to reality and think --- NO.  I'll love her and spoil her and maybe that'll do me??
Have a great day everybody!!
Happy Scrappin' and God Bless,