Saturday, December 20, 2008

Creative Juices are a flowin'

WOW! Two posts in one day!!

A Christmas card I made this morning...

Materials used:
Top Note Die from Sizzix (Stampin' Up!)
Fa La La papers, buttons, and greenery behind red flower(Making Memories)
Flowers (The Dollar Tree)
Cardboard and vintage dictionary and notebook papers
Dymo Label Maker

Loving that new die from SU!! I've cut everything I could get my hands on with it!! GET IT!! It is sooo worth the money! I made these bag toppers with it too. They were for Dakota's Christmas party yesterday.

I made a lot of them!

Also made pillow boxes with candy in them for my 7th grader to take. The pillow box is from Sizzix/Stampin' Up!

The tags are made from cutting a file folder up and inking them with Tim Holtz Distress Ink and using the Fa La La stamp set from Making Memories. I don't have any Stickles yet I(ordered them Friday and they are on the way) so I used the Polymark Dimensional Fabric paint from WalMart. They are .97 cents each and look pretty good, I think. About the same look as Stickles.

I've been busy! Not blogging too much lately. I'm still here, just busy busy! I'm also making candles for people... not the actual candle just putting things on them... here are a few I've done.
My favorite... I LOVE JOHN WAYNE!!

The back...

These are not really very plain... not sure what the deal was with my camera but they are all a bit blurry. sorry...

The back... I try to put something on there.

And YES I do take orders so if anyone out there in blog land wants one, just email me and we can make arrangements. I charge $12 plus shipping for any picture (black or white) and anything you want on the back. I haven't weighed them so I have no clue how much shipping something like this would cost. I've sold quite a few to people I work with and have had a ball doing them.

Off to make more of those Christmas cards.
Have a good night and Happy Scrappin'


As of today there are only 5 days 'till the big man comes! And 4 shopping days left... I finished mine up yesterday and was putting my credit card back in my purse and jabbed something up in under my left ring finger - finger nail... I thought I was going to cry right there in front of the electronics sales boy in WalMart! I think it might have just been a paper cut under there, but it seperated my nail in the corner from the skin ... no blood, just pain!!!! And now it is really hard to type because it is so sore!

On to a better subject,
Look at this little sweetheart...

Dakota had his Christmas party yesterday at school. He LOVED the cupcakes, er well, the icing!
They had a book exchange instead of a gift exchange. I admit, I was against it at first because I thought they should let the kids play with toys and forget school stuff. But you know, those kids were THRILLED with the books they got! I was AMAZED!! They just loved them! Especially my little guy....


There is a story behind that picture... I have to tell on myself to tell it though!
I have always liked to smell of new books, magazines and such. Well, he has seen me do it so much that now he does it! I looked down yesterday and saw him with his nose stuck in his book. He WAS the ONLY one that done that... So I HAD to snap this picture. And yes, I explained that he should maybe not do it at school. I embarressed the poor little thing. I explained to him that it is a little odd and that we should only be "book sniffers" at home. HEE HEE! I think it is too funny! AND for anyone reading this thinking "huffing" NO!! It is only books that we smell of and nothing else. And YES I HAVE explained to him that some things we should not smell of because they can hurt you and it is important to not sniff ANYTHING else. Now back to the lighthearted side of the story. He was just being HIMSELF... and that is as cute as can be!! Yep, we are weirdos but come on, I know there are other "book sniffers" out there, admit it. Tell the world you are a book sniffer :)!!!

This is going to be a good day! It is Saturday and it is just me and him here today. I think I'm going to finish up my Christmas cards (yes, I did put it off until the last minute this year!) and start working on some things with the newest catatog from Close To My Heart. I got a BIG shipment in last Thursday and can't wait to start playing with it all! I may wait until after Christmas because one of my presents from my hubby is a huge box full of Stampin' Up! stuff. Yes, I do sell Close To My Heart products, but LOVE Stampin' UP! punches and stuff! I have seen some really great things made from Close To My Heart and Stampin' Up! products ... I will have enough to keep me busy well into next year!

My little guy is up and wanting breakfast so I guess I'm going to go fix us some toast with ham. I'm starving too!
Hope everybody has a good weekend!
Happy Scrappin'

Monday, December 15, 2008

It is nearly time for Santa!

This is my little village I had from last year, except it grew by a few pieces this year. I'm not sure I like it though... something just doesn't seem right about it. I can't put my finger on it though. Maybe it just needs to be spread out more next year.

I love this swag... Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things! Everything is just so pretty. Seems extra special, you know?

This is a flat canvas panel that I've had for awhile and decided to use it... I painted it a graduated light/dark blue and cut the Santa and words from the Christmas Cricut Solutions cartridge. I think I should have cut them from white instead of black, they are kind of hard to see. The flash really helped out, but normally it is really dark.

Are YOU ready for Santa to come? I think I'm as excited as my kids are! Santa has been really good to me this year... I know almost everything I'm getting except for 3 things. A Canon Digital Rebel is one of them and a 200mm lens is one of the other things.. I can't wait to get to play with them!
I think this Christmas will be a great one! The kids will have a fantastic time this year... Santa is going to be REALLY good to them too!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas filled with health, happiness and hope for a great upcoming New Year. I know there are so many people diagnosed with cancer and other things. I know that just having my health and a healthy family is the best gift I could have and I thank God that all is well for us and pray that He gives everybody a good Christmas.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!