Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Morning All!

Look at what I found, if this works... never put a video on here before.

This was found here I hope that link works, I'm still new at this thing!
A quote taken from the Scrapbook Obsession blog (Great blog by the way.. go check it out!)..."I know I’ll be a fan of MM product lines to come and I imagine they will keep making compatible discs for The Slice to match. Why oh why must they keep coming up with products like this?!?! It’s a scrappin’ tragedy, I tell ya…"

This girl hit the nail on the head!! It IS a scrappin' tragedy. My poor, poor hubby he says I'm an addict. I won't admit to him, but I'm thinkin' maybe he's RIGHT! What is up with this stuff. It is like the more I have the more I need and want more to go with the stuff I'm not usin' now! And the companies that come up with this stuff. They know what they are doing! I mean, it is like the guys who intentionally "plant" those quarter machines at the front of the grocery store. It is to drive mom's completely over the edge of their grocery buying nightmare because when we make it to that point of the shopping experience with any hair left on our head then the kids want A QUARTER??? By then you will just about give them anything they want to have that minute of peace until the cashier hits you in the face with that whopping amount you just spent because the kids went shopping with you WHILE THEY WERE HUNGRY-you mom's know what I mean!!

WOW.. I got lost from my scrappin' addiction didn't I?? But come on, you know it is close to the same thing, we revert back to our childhood wanting EVERY SINGLE NEW INVENTION EVERY COMPANY CAN COME UP WITH!!
Come on guys? Can't you create something that will wash the dishes WHILE WE SCRAP?

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