Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Friday!

Tomorrow is Friday, again! These days and weeks are just flying by!! I can't believe this year is half over.

I've been reading blogs today... not much going on here. Me and the boys got in the pool today for awhile. This is Soooo boring to you- who ever you are reading this. I PROMISE to be better! AND MORE SCRAPPY!! My blog title is Happily Scrappin' Today and yet I hardly post SCRAPPY things. I WILL BE A BETTER BLOGGER!! I have a class this weekend and another one on July 19th. I will be making things for those classes and will post pictures of the things we make. I am planning to go see my sis this coming Monday. Going to go to Hobby Lobby and Michael's- my FIRST EVER trip to Michael's! I'm going after paint and rubber stamps. I want to paint more and do more mixed media. I have hope that I can do it after my sis said she looked at my blog and didn't know what to expect when I told her to go look at my woman. She said she actually looks like a person., er well, like she should look. :) I like when my sis gives me good words! SHE is good at everything she does! She just doesn't show it off...and believe me she has it! She can paint some of the prettiest pictures! I know if she listed on etsy she'd do good. I just have to convince her of it!!

It is getting late and have to get up early and go grocery shopping. I'm pooped tonight for some reason and have done nothing all day... maybe that is why I'm tired. I feel better when I have a busy day!

Good night, Happy Scrappin'

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