Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scraproom is Done!!!

My scraproom is finally done!! Now I have to just get busy!! The wall in front of the window is my desk. It is made of 8 scrapbook/storage cubes from Target with one desk top piece in the middle. I love to open the blinds when I'm using the computer and look out in to our back yard. It seems so peaceful.
And yes, that is yet another computer you see in there. I have this one for my Xyron Wishblade. I do have the internet run to it and a printer, but that is all. It crashed before and I had it fixed. They told me it might live a while longer or might not. SO I went and got another one. I have it for printing photos and digital scrapbooking and my main internet stuff. I love my room!

This is my shelf my husband built for all my necessities to keep within reach.

This photo shows my table and my Cricut Expression. I Love that little thing, my DH got that for me for Christmas. He calls it a Cr I cut ... with a long I ... drives me NUTS!! I love him though!

Here is my little Cricut, Sizzix, and my inks ( Got the inks from Santa too!). This is also where I store all of my papers and my tools and inks. I try to keep the frequently used items within reach. I got the cubes from Target and they are so great!!

This is my new printer/scanner. I haven't used it too much yet...but will soon. I keep my Epson Picture Mate here too. I love this little guy! I'm so glad they came up with such a great way to print photos at home! THANK YOU EPSON!! I also keep my sewing supplies stored in the little drawers below as well as my heat gun and hot glue gun. I used a storage box for my "Works in Progress" ... it was the perfect size for my 12X12 stuff and also a perfect fit in the cube!

As you can see from the pictures we have quite the "PHOTO SNEEZE" on the walls. This is our retreat/computer room/office/my scrapbook room. My husband wanted Western stuff and so I agreed. AND... I love John Wayne so this all worked out nicely! We also have 2 saddles in there! They are his.... We have NO HORSES, but they went along with our room and he wanted them. I guess after I kind of took the room completely over I had to give in to something for him to put in there! HA HA!!