Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael's, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby!!!

MY FAVORITE THING BOUGHT TODAY!!!... I've been looking for this magazine and COULD NOT find it anywhere... Homegrown Hospitality's Stephanie does this mag. and I LOVE her stuff!! I've about to go dive in to it (in the tub... best place to read..hee hee!!)

My first time EVER in a Michael's or a JoAnn's store! I was in scrapbook Heaven! I got LOTS of goodies, and spent WAYYYYY too much money, but WOW... that's a lot of stuff :) ....not bragging, just excited...I like to see when other people bring in a "haul" so I thought I'd just show mine.
I found this at JoAnn's ... is it JoAnn with an s or just JoAnn? anyways.. it was regularly $29.99 and I got it for $9.99!! I've wanted a big clipboard and this came with all this other stuff!

I also got this Heidi Grace stuff there too. I got the paper pad for 40% off! I'm soooo excited! I can't wait to use it all!!

This is the Wild Saffron line from K&Company... got it at Michael's. I used my 50% off coupon on the paper pad. I just didn't see anything BIG to use the coupon on, so I got this paper and LOVE IT!!

Found these ribbons at Michael's... the colors are so yummy you could just eat them :)

Got these to give to my class attendees for the class I'm teaching on July 19th. I may have a class kit to list on etsy. If I don't sell out in the class I'll list the extras. I have room for 10 and have 7 signed up so far. I wanted to give them all a little something extra. I try to do that for each class I have. Of course, they all love it :)

These are some other things I got... rubber stamp stitches, Prima flowers, some new small Cuttlebug embossing folders, and a die for my old class Sizzix machine. I like that old thing... you can put all kinds of things in it- felt to make your own felt flowers, chipboard, cut more than one piece of paper at a time... it is just a good old friend!

Spent all day shopping in Little Rock and I am SOOOOOO tired! I'm off to a hot bath and then to the bed... it will be sooooo nice to just KONK OUT!
Good night and Happy Scrappin'!!
Will post pictures tomorrow of my GROSS TO GREAT makeover....

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I promised something SCRAPPY yesterday and failed to get it up. I do have something for you this morning though. I went YARD SALEING (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT?) yesterday. This is an activity that I'm growing to LOVE!! I found two little cabinets for my scraproom and I'm giving them a makeover. So next weekend I plan on going again.

Karen over at the polka dot house blog has a feature called EW TO NEW. I love to watch out for her new stuff. This is where she takes something old, refinishes it, and makes is SCRAPPY COOL. You should go on on over to her blog and check out her stuff. I wanted to do something like this so mine is going to be GROSS TO GREAT. And believe me, these two items were definately classified as gross when I started with them-either for their color or just plain ole nastiness. YUCK-O. But when you see what I'm doing to them (hopefully) the reaction will be GREAT!!!
So here they are...
This is a really nice wooden cabinet with glass doors. I plan to paint it white, not sure what else to do with it. It needs some really pretty colorful handles. I think that is where I'll add my splash of color.

This one is a golden brownish metal piece that was used in a bathroom. It has sliding doors on the bottom. I plan to paint it white we see a pattern here? I like white, it makes things so clean and organized. BUT... I do like pink, so I may sneak some pink in with my makeovers... I share my scraproom with my husband so I have to go easy on the poor guy :)

My hubby's hobby is, how do I put it? Well, he collects, plays with, and talks on CB radios. I have this whole room and he has his desk and one small shelf. I feel kind of bad about it... I mean it didn't start out that way. I just kind of took an inch here and he'd give an inch there. So, now this room is SO full you can't fit one more thing in it!!! It is kind of funny. Seriously, there is not one place to put anything in here! I have some space on the walls for my new stuff, but I'll have to move some pictures to get them up :) Let's just say it is FULL! I can almost see the walls breathing in and out about to explode! HEEEheeee....

It is raining here FINALLY! It has been SO dry here- and HOT! I don't really mind the HOT, makes getting in the pool that much better. I do feel sorry for the people that have to work out in it though. I think it has been raining since 5:30 this morning. I was woke up by a loud clap of thunder.
I went out to water my garden last night and soaked it. That is a sure-fire way to make it rain!! I was a walking buffet for the mosquitos. I bet I have 10 bites on me - SERIOUSLY!! They EAT ME UP!! I must just be awfully sweet (I'm batting my eyelashes now ;) ) no, not really. But something about me and my youngest boy, they literally eat us up. Even when we use bug spray. I love going outside, but can't stay out too long. And these bites get huge! They swell up and of course, itch like crazy. But all in all, it was worth it! I watered my garden and it looked SO MUCH better when I was done. I'll post some before and afters of it. I'm pretty proud of that little spot! I did most of it all by myself! Sorry, I lost myself for a minute!

I have a class today. Well, not a class actually. I'm going to a friend's church and she is presenting the class. I'm just a rep. of a company that I'm not supposed to mention anywhere outside of their own websites (I think that is the rule). I do have a blinkie up at the top of my blog though. You can see which one I work for, and it's not Stampin' Up. I've been with them since Feb. I like it too! I've made a little money, got a lot of cool free stuff and had lots of fun!! I do recommend you do it too! Any questions, contact me at

Well, I think I better go gather up my stuff and get it all packed for my little trip. I'll be back this afternoon and maybe post some pictures.

Have a wonderful day and God bless....
Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Friday!

Tomorrow is Friday, again! These days and weeks are just flying by!! I can't believe this year is half over.

I've been reading blogs today... not much going on here. Me and the boys got in the pool today for awhile. This is Soooo boring to you- who ever you are reading this. I PROMISE to be better! AND MORE SCRAPPY!! My blog title is Happily Scrappin' Today and yet I hardly post SCRAPPY things. I WILL BE A BETTER BLOGGER!! I have a class this weekend and another one on July 19th. I will be making things for those classes and will post pictures of the things we make. I am planning to go see my sis this coming Monday. Going to go to Hobby Lobby and Michael's- my FIRST EVER trip to Michael's! I'm going after paint and rubber stamps. I want to paint more and do more mixed media. I have hope that I can do it after my sis said she looked at my blog and didn't know what to expect when I told her to go look at my woman. She said she actually looks like a person., er well, like she should look. :) I like when my sis gives me good words! SHE is good at everything she does! She just doesn't show it off...and believe me she has it! She can paint some of the prettiest pictures! I know if she listed on etsy she'd do good. I just have to convince her of it!!

It is getting late and have to get up early and go grocery shopping. I'm pooped tonight for some reason and have done nothing all day... maybe that is why I'm tired. I feel better when I have a busy day!

Good night, Happy Scrappin'

Almost Friday!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Hey Y'all!!
I found these at Stephanie's blog...Homegrown Hospitality

THIS IS NOT THE BEST PICTURE, SORRY. I got these today. They came in one big wonderful sheet of rubber. UPPER AND LOWER CASE, NUMBERS 0-9 AND THE &, HEART, STAR, ARROW, AND A CUTSIE FLOWER. You have to cut them out and they are not mounted with anything, but some removable adhesive on the back of each letter and a wood or an acrylic block and they are FANTASTIC!! This is her own scribble font. These are fun to work with. Oh, and when I got them cut apart I applied the removable adhesive to each letter and put them in an empty CD case for storage. You can see through the case and it makes it great to see what you need and small and doesn't take up too much room in the cases on the shelf. I put all my acylic stamps in CD cases last night. You can even double them up! Put them on the left and right side of the case when you open it up- works perfectly! I tried with my HOMEGROWN stamps, but the rubber is a wee bit thicker than the acrylic.

She has these RED RUBBER stamps for sale in her etsy shop... THAT'S RIGHT, YOU TOO CAN HAVE A SET OF THESE WONDERFUL RED RUBBER STAMPS!!!!

You should go and check out her blog as well as her etsy shop, you won't be disappointed!

My little guys got in the pool today and had a ball!!
HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF NOODLING?? Well, it is a sport that you go fishing WITH YOUR HANDS!! to catch catfish! I seen this on the news the other day and it is where you catch a HUGE catfish and he swallows your WHOLE ARM!!!! That kind is not for kids were NOODLING today! Not the catfishing NOODLING...but this kind---LOOKS LIKE FUN!!

Hunter (the bigger one) showed Dakota how to blow in the noodle to make water shoot out of it! IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!! I never dreamed of being able to do that, but they had a blast...especially Dakota. He kept blowing water on his big brother and blowing it in to the water to make weird noises.
I have a video of them doing it and my try to upload my first video tomorrow.
It is getting late and my eyelids are starting to droop.... goodnight all!
Happy Scrappin'

Friday, June 20, 2008


Good morning! It is Friday! I love the weekends, eventhough I'm off from work and rarely do anything to acknowledge it is the weekend, I still love them :)

Yes, I've been MIA. I've been so good about blogging lately, but fel off the wagon this week. I finally finished my album I was working on (have to send it off by Monday)... I decided to just do nothing for a few days. Well, not nothing exactly. I painted yesterday. I'm almost ashamed to put a pict. up of what I painted. Oh, well, I might as well post it. I like parts about it, but it is not nearly as good as I would have liked it to be. It is flat, not enough shadows on the face. I LOVE Paulette Insall's work. Here is the link to her blog, you should go check it out...
You will have to cut and paste, I haven't figured out how to get the link to go in right. If anyone knows how, please leave a comment and tell me how to do it.

Here is my little lady. It is my first one ever, so please don't laugh too hard :)

I don't know how to get the nose right. I was an art major in college before switching to Family Psychology (THAT IS ANOTHER STORY... ) but anyway, I NEVER could get the noses the way I wanted when I would paint and draw. Now, I know her eyes are off, but they are bit better than the nose. I need to do an online class with Miss. Paulette, I bet she could straighten out my nose (HA HA! I JUST CRACK MYSELF UP!! HA HA :D )

Here are some close ups of the details...

Mine may not be as good as some of the others, but it was fun painting. I have a lot to learn, but I can do it. I will keep painting until I get it right!!!! I would love to list stuff like this on ebay and etsy and see them sell. It is partly for the money, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't, but just to see someone buy something I DID... that is a thrill to me. To know someone picked my "something" out of all the other "somethings" out there, well, it would just thrill my little soul!

Well, I've rambled on enough for one morning. I have to go get groceries this morning. It seems like I just went yesterday, and it was last Friday! These weeks are just flyin' by! It will be time for me to go back to work very soon! I am LOVIN' being off!!

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Keeli Jo

Good Morning!!
I have an update on our little miracle baby!!
Keeli Jo has gained half an ounce!! I have pictures too...
Seeing this makes me realize just how tiny she is!!!!

Keep her in your prayers, please. They have moved her to Arkansas Children's Hospital. They may have to do surgery to mend a tiny hole in her heart (I think that is what Tiff said). They will go in throuh her back so it is not open heart surgery, but still, it is bad enough. I think she said babies have this normally, but grow inside mom long enough that it closes naturally. Since she was born early she still has it, but they have given her medicine to close it. If the meds don't work, then surgery is the next option.
She is truely a miracle from God. I see that more and more every day! You can tell she is a Landers... she is STRONG!!

Yesterday was my first listing on Etsy. This is what I have listed...

I do hope I can show them on my blog like this... I don't want to break any rules. If I can't somebody, let me know and I'll remove them.

I had SO MUCH FUN making them!! These are a combination of things from a few ideas I've seen lately. Karen from the blog (YOU'LL HAVE TO CUT AND PASTE THE ADDYS TO GO TO... COULDN'T GET THE LINK TO GO IN.. AND THE SAME FOR THE NEXT ONE) she used some great punches to make those cute tags of hers! And Donna Salazar uses the BIG scallops on her pages. I LOVE the scallops, so I adapted my idea from their's. I think these little babies are pretty cute. I cut out a ton of the dictionary scallops last night for my embellishemt buffet for my class next month. I have to come up with LOTS OF EMBELLISHMENTS TO GO ON IT :)

Off to work on a book for a lady. I've got to get it finished and off to her by Sat. of this week.
Have a great day!!
Happy Scrappin' !!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Reunion and Father's Day

I went to our biannual Landers family reunion yesterday. I've never been to one of my family reunions before. It was fun! I got to meet a ton of people that I had no clue who they were... but they all knew me and my mom and dad. There was 55 of us there. They said it was the biggest one yet. A lot of the older generation have done passed on so it is up to us young 'ens to carry on with it.

I am so happy for the father's out there that have spent time with their families today. I'm sure the families have all enjoyed each other. But for us that have lost their daddy's it is really hard. I even stayed home from church to avoid the celebrations. I know it is REALLY selfish of me, but in doing that I still didn't avoid it completely. I read a lot of blogs on here and this one lady was writing about her dad. His name is Robert, they call him Bob, but mostly Bobby-I think she said. Well, mine was Robert, Bob...but everybody called him BOBBY. Her story of the two of them was a lot like mine and daddy's. My dad passed away on April 7, 2000. He never got to meet my little Dakota Bob (his name is actually Bobby Dakota...named after daddy, but we call him Dakota Bob)Dakota was born Dec. 13, 2000. He missed a great man! Daddy was diagnosed in 1998, I think it was, with Schleroderma. It is the hardening of the tissues under the skin. There are 2 types... one is where it affects your skin and outward appearances more and the other is internal. Daddy had the internal kind. It eventually shuts down the blood vessels going to the major organs of the body. It was hard to see him go from a hard working man to one who went in to the hospital on Dec. 31, 1999 and never walked again. He could set up, but didn't walk. He just couldn't, his muscles just went away. Me and mom took care of him at home as much as we could. His kidneys failed and he had to have dialysis every week. The ambulance would come to their house and pick him up and take him back home. They were so good to the family (the drivers of the ambulance). He had trouble breathing on the 6th day of April. They put him back in ICU and I got to stay with him a few minutes. He had on the oxygen mask to help him breath, but when I had to go I told him I loved him. He said I love you too. That was the last thing I got to hear from him before he left the next morning. I got the call that morning about 9 am and made it to the hospital too late. He had not been gone but just a few minutes. I saw him in a way that will forever be burned in my mind. I hate that memory. I wish I could erase that one. But he gave his soul to Jesus in Dec. of the year before he passed away. So the I love you' s spoken that day and knowing where he is now makes it a little more bearable for me. I'm sorry to have carried on about it all, but crying through this is kind of a way for me to get through it. Even if no one ever reads all of this, it is still good to get things out.
Born Robert Brewer Landers May 7, 1937 ....

This was one in school

These were when daddy was in the ARMY in '60 & '61

He was a mess... if I had friends over he would dance across the floor, or something silly. He never-hardly ever- got mad! He was so even tempered and happy. I tell you the world could be falling around him and he would still be OK. He worked so hard. He would come home from his job and go to work outside, either in the garden or at his one-man saw mill. He loved what he called "piddling". I loved him so much, I was a DADDY'S GIRL!!

Here we are ... It was a LONG time ago... not sure what year, prob. 1973 or '74

I just had my head screwed on wrong for so many years that I missed a lot of things. I messed up a lot, but he still loved me. He never spanked me, that I can remember...but all he would have to say was "Lisa Ann..." with the middle name that meant business. That was all it took, oh, and to hear those words... "I'm disappointed in you..." that was as bad as any beating he could have ever given me.

This was the greatest man I've ever known. No one can EVER fill his shoes, not in my eyes at least.
This is one of the last few pictures I have here with me (mom has TONS of them at her house)taken not long before he got sick. I love this picture. It is daddy... from the tanned, wrinkled skin, to the glasses and crooked smile (that he gave to me :D ) It is the way I remember him most.

Happy Father's Day Daddy, I miss you......

Friday, June 13, 2008



I found the video at this blog site - she has the CUTEST blogs!!

Good day and Happy Scrappin'
- off to go grocery shopping! WALMART HERE I COME :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


My dear sweet husband got me an ice cream cake for my birthday. He got it from Dairy Queen this morning. He called on the way home upset because they wrote my name in blue. He thought it was awful that it didn't match the rest of the cake. It is fine... the cake was good! It was vanilla ice cream with something thick and chocolatey in the middle with some cookie filling and then a layer of chocolate ice cream. WOW!! IT WAS GOOD!!!

I also got something else. I won 3 auctions on ebay for some milk caps. I got two packages in the mail. I saw these used on Jenni Bowlin's pages from her blog. I looked on ebay for them (I bought a handful in the antique store here at town for 3/$1. I bought 80 on ebay for about $7. I can't wait to use these on my pages!

I have a box full and have more coming! I need to get busy scrappin'!!
I also have another picture... I've been meaning to post if for a while now. I took it last Friday about 5:45 am. My hubby was about to leave for work and I was out on the side of our road (in my PJ's) taking pictures of the sunrise! It was worth it too! I love this picture! Oh, we do live in the country so the traffic is little, if any, that early in the morning!

and another pretty one...

While I'm at it... here are pictures of the first swim of the year. Dakota had a ball! His brother wasn't home at the time or they'd both be swimmin'!! Love being in that pool!!

I really should blog a lot more often! I have things for "show and tell" so I should "show and tell" more than I do!!!

Have to go fill the humingbird feeders and feed my ferns. Need to water the garden again too. We need it to rain more!! I guess it is just the beginning of a dry, hot summer.
Until the next post....Happy Scrappin'

Look at THIS!!

This is what Dakota (he's 7) came up with when I gave him some scrap stuff and an old picture of me before all I had all my teeth taken out.

I don't know if you can read the journaling in the blue block, but he wrote moma is butiful without her teeth. It nearly made me cry! He loves me with AND without my teeth :) He says he likes me better without my new ones!!
And I love his first scrapbook page! I'll keep it forever!
Well, it is nearly 10:00 am and I'm still in my PJ's with no makeup and icky hair. My hubby went to get me an ICE CREAM cake for MY BIRTHDAY!! Yep, today I'm 36!! 40 is coming fast :D
I have to go and do the "girl thang" ... you know the hair and makeup- sometimes I wish I could have my makeup TATOOED on!! Ain't I just lazy!!??
Will post more and have more pictures later today sometime. I'm eating cake when he gets back and going to get in the pool!!
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


WELLLLL.... I bought one... had to get it from EUROPE!!I paid $22 for it and $22 to have it shipped. It was expensive (the shipping was high, but it is coming from Europe!) but well worth the money... my hubby got it for me for my birthday tomorrow! AND GUESS WHAT...?? THE BEST PART OF ALL.....IT IS PINK!!! AND JUST LIKE THE ONE IN THE PICTURE BELOW!!!!!!!!Yippeee!!

Will post pictures as soon as it gets here!!
Just an update... have to get ready for church. I hoed in the garden and it was HOT!!! will pay off soon as I have baby cucumbers, baby squash, and LOTS of small tomatoes all growing! Can't wait for a slice of red ripe tomato!
Good night and Happy Scrappin'

The ELUSIVE 3 tier cake/fruit stand/basket....

OK... So whoever is out there reading my blog.. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

If you have one and want to sell it... I'll GLADLY take it off your hands...OR please look for one for me and I'll buy it that way. I see them in scraprooms and want one for mine. I've looked EVERYWHERE!!! Can someone please tell me where to get one??
Happy scrappin'!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I talked to my niece Tiffany yesterday and she said little Keeli Jo had to have a blood transfusion because they draw blood so much that they had to give her one. I found out today the Tiff got to touch Keeli Jo for the very first time. I can't imagine what that must have been like for her. I think the baby is still doing fine. Tiff said they had her all rolled up in a comfy little ball like she should be. She said they don't keep them all sprawled out like they had her in the first pict. I put up. Here is the latest pict. I have... it is her tiny footprint next to a quarter!! Oh, and I found out, she didn't weigh 1 lb. 9 ounces, she was actually 1 lb. and 6 ounces! Wow, a pound and a half. I had to explain to my boys how small that was... the only comparision I knew of was a whole block of cheese and half of another one. They were amazed!! We all are!!

It is getting late ... will post more tomorrow. We got in the pool for the first time today and it was SOOOOOOOO nice!! The water was warm! Will post more about that tomorrow and have pictures too!!

Good night!! and Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mom and Baby are both fine...

Today I have good news... my niece and the baby are both fine. Tiffany, my niece, came home from the hospital today. She had to leave little Keeli Jo there though. She'll be there for a long time to come. Tiffany will have to drive back and forth to see her. Her little footprints are the size of a quarter and her legs are as long as Tiffany's finger. She is so tiny. A miracle from God.

Thanks to Amber my blog is finally SCRAPPY!!! THANKS AGAIN GIRL!! I'm happy with my music and pretty papers!

More tomorrow..............

Friday, June 6, 2008


It has been a long day. Got up at 5am to see my hubby off to work, went to get groceries and ran my errands for the week, put away the groc. when I got home. Not a very busy day, just a long one. I'm about to fall asleep now...

I FINALLY have music on my blog! A very GREAT gal told me how to do it, and it was sooo easy!!

Still no word on the baby other than she is OK, just very small. I'll keep up to date with the progress.

Can't hold my eyes open any longer...good night :)

Keeli Jo is here!!!!!!!!!

My niece has been at UALR. This really big hospital at Little Rock for 2 or 3 days now... seems like forever(to her especially!) She finally had her baby sometime last night. I got up this morning and checked my phone for a message and this is what I found....

She weighs 1 pound and 9 ounces! I have no details about her or her mom yet, I just have the picture.
Will write more this afternoon as I should know have Tiffany and Keeli are doing. I know Tiffany was miserable and dilated to 5 cm for a long time. They gave her a double dose of pain med. yesterday!! One nurse came in and gave it to her, then another one came in a gave the same thing-not knowing she had just had it!!!! I would have had a fit if I'd been her mom!! Tiffany is special to me. We share a birthday!! June 12 is our birthday. She almost had a baby for her birthday present...well, she does, just not born on HER birthday :)
Have to get ready to go grocery shopping.... the highlight of my week is going to WalMart.... boy, do I need a life??
Happy Scrappin'!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a great day!!

Today has been the best day! We finished putting up the pool and it is full and ready to go.. it just has to warm up for a few days!
It is so nice outside tonight. It is warm and windy and feels so good. I'd be out there but the Lakers and the Celtics play tonight and me and my hubby love watching the NBA... especially the playoffs!! GO CELTICS!! Yesss I love basketball!Can't play, just like to watch. It is on and I'm going to go watch it. Just wanted to make sure and blog a little. Trying to be a better blogger!! Even if it is a little bit!
Will post more tomorrow!
Goodnight all!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summertime is FINALLY here!!

Well, here I am again and it has been awhile. I've got to start blogging more regularly! I'm here at my computer every morning- reading my LONG list of blogs. I guess I can say, my name is Lisa and I have a problem. I am addicted to reading blogs. My list grows by the day!...but I can't update my own blog. What is wrong with that?! I just wish I could make my more ARTSY-FARTSY.. that is my new terminology for a lot of things! :)

I do have some pictures to share though...
These are my recent finds at the local antique store.
Well, shoot! I can't find the picts. Apparently I deleted them off my computer. Goodness only knows what went with them!! Oh, well, I'll just tell you.
I got 2 really cool really old dictionaries. I don't know if I can stand to cut them up or not! Old milk caps. They are so neat. I got these because Jenni Bowlin used some on a layout and they were perfect! She has a ton more up at her store, but I just got a few. I'd like to find some more-different ones. Hmmm.. what eles, oh yes some old thread on wooden spools. They really look old. 2- 33 records. I'll post the pict of what I do with them later (if it works). Got a big and I mean BIG stack of packaged paper for the boys to draw on. I bet it is 4 inches thick!!legal size paper, manilla color- I may have to sneak in to their stash! OH and I got this cute double sided orange is small, one side for my pens the other for my paintbrushes.
Tools I recently acquired.... a Zutter Bind-It-All (thanks to ebay), a Cuttlebug (thanks to my husband and ebay), a cool set of Stampin' Up "office" stamps (thanks to ebay), a new Fiskars hand drill (thanks to ebay), and ON THE WAY...(YESSSS. FROM EBAY) is a DreamKuts and a Giga square scalloped punch. YES,OH YES... I have spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON EBAY!!!!!!!! But boy, I'm a happer scrapper!! Since I'm off work I've been having so much fun here in my scrap room!! I've been painting and have started a private art journal. I try to write in it daily, well almost daily. I paint in it, and scrapbook in it... things I wouldn't normally do. I've given myself the OK to play in there... do and say anything! It is liberating!! You should try this! I'm doing things in there that I wouldn't even try on a scrapbook page for fear of "messing up"!!

Hubby is gone to town so before he gets back I'm going to go make myself look like I belong in the land of the living!! We are supposed to be putting the pool up today!! Yipppeee!!! I can't wait! Since I'm off I can go jump in anytime I want!! I LOVE that I'm home!! I could get used to this!! Better not, when August rolls around it is back to the store I go. Maybe just part time though!

Summer is here, at last. I'll leave you with one picture... this is one of our roses in the front yard. We did not know that it would bloom pink! My hubby was a little disappointed because all the others are red. I, however, was thrilled! So it is My Rosebush now!! Happy Scrappin! !!!