Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures of what's goin' on !

This is pretty much a "picture post"!
I have been busy making things along with other stuff and wanted to share a little bit with you :)
This is a page I made for a challenge on Sisterhood of Scrap blog. I'm not sure I like it, because it seems like all the pages I do are so plain and "stiff". I'm too much of a perfectionist and have to have everything even. But the challege was to use something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

These are so cute and easy to make. I AM NOT TRYING TO SWIPE SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEA... don't like people who do that! I was blog surfing and found how to make them. They are made from the 2X2 post it note pads.

This one is a 3X3 post it and I made covers from really thick chipboard and covered them with patterned papers. I bound it with my Bind It All. I LOVE that little thing! This was my first little book I've made with it.

I also found this idea out in blogland! This is a cute little card and it shuts with the ribbon tied on the bottom! The scalloped punch used at the top makes it look like a bite was taken out of the "popsicle". I LOVED these, so I HAD to try them too!!

I made this little bucket of flowers for my class decoration. I made it using my trusty little Cricut! I think it is really purdy!!

This is a picture I took in my flower bed this morning. It turned out pretty good. Kinda proud of these two.

This one is in the front flower bed. I had a pretty little visitor!!

I live in a little bitty town called Cave City. We are known for our "WORLD FAMOUS" watermelons (so they say... any of y'all out in blog land ever heard of them???) My pawpaw used to grow them when he was able and so did my dad. Pawpaw would sell them out in front of his house. I barely remember it, but I remember smelling of the money in the money box he had! Yep my weirdness started at an early age!! :)
But.... this is my 2 younger ones eating some yummy melon. YES it was SOOOO GOOOD!!! Don't they just look so thrilled? This was a "Hey boys look at me" moment!!

I even had to have some!!

And look how juicy it was!! And sooo sweet! AND FOR MY SISTER... YOU'RE MISSIN' OUT!! YOU NEED TO COME HOME AND GET SOME!!!

WOW! I think this is the longest blog entry ever! Thanks if you've stayed with me!!
I think I'm going to get off the computer and play with my Cricut. I got the two newest cartridges today!! Graphically Speaking and Storybook... can't wait to go play with them. I have the Expression so I'm hoping to make some full size page elements. I LOVE these cartridges!! They are the best they've come up with yet!! IF YOU BUY THEM YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!! THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
I'll post some pictures of what I make a little later on.

Have a good night and Happy Scrappin'


Camille said...

Yum! That watermelon looks so good. You're boys sure are growing up.

liz mataraza said...

cute idea with the post-its in there...that way you can just refill! like the daisy bucket too; i might use this idea for my kitchen windowsill. it's pretty empty except for a yoda action figure and a candle ;)

have a great weekend!

Chrissy D said...

Lisa, just heard about your blog from Tracy so I popped over to check it out! You have beautiful projects and family! Can't wait to see more when you have time! TFS!