Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is what I was going to show the other day...

I looked out the window (my view when I'm at my computer) and this is what I saw... it was so funny (although I hope he doesn't keep this behavior up!- I can't let it go on, you know?)
Keep in mind I took these through the window so the quality is not real good...but you definately get the picture.

Kinda Cute, HU?

This was just dang hilarious!!

Needless to say he did get run off by the normal creatures that eat here!! I missed the acutual event, but I saw the bird fly down and then saw the squirrel bolt down from his perch and jump up in to the trees-then Mr. Bird went back to his home to eat again!

This is my other visitor I have nearly every day-he is my little sweetheart!(Look close at the bottom of the post and you'll see him in the grass) I would love to pet him! Think I'm going to give him the lettuce in the bottom of the fridge-It needs to go anyways and I'm SURE he'd appreciate it too!

I LOVE country life!! I'll post more pictures later of my little pond... we put some greenery around it yesterday and I put in some more pea gravel today. It is my favorite place now! I used to HATE our desolate back yard, but now... I just LOVE it!!

I've got to get ready for my class on Saturday, so my posting may be really slow until Sunday. I've got to create a calendar for one piece of my kit and I'm not sure what I'm going to do for it. If anyone has a calendar template out there (a blank numbers, days, or months)I could sure use it - or a link to make one somewhere on here... I've tried to find them before, but didn't have much luck for what I wanted. I need it to be about 4"X5".

Oh, yeah -AN UPDATE!! The ebay auction ended at $41.00 I will be adding to this total to give Tiffany $50.00. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Every little bit helps! Oh and the baby is now up to 2 pounds 6 ounces and is taking her milk. She is getting better with each day! Prayer really does work!!

Happy Scrappin'

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Camille said...

Oh Lisa, I am so happy to hear about little Keeli Jo. What great news!