Saturday, August 2, 2008


I just wanted to say Hey and good night.
I really haven't had lots to say lately.

I did finish another layout for the Sisterhood of Scrap blog. I think I like this one. I'll post it tomorrow sometime...

Hmmmm.... I don't really have a lot to say tonight...I found a dead bird in my little backyard fish pond today. I don't know what happened to the guy! Maybe he was getting a drink from the little waterfall and fell in?? Maybe the heat got him! It has been SO HOT here! I've lost 2 of the 6 goldfish that we put in the pond. I cleaned up the pump today and drained about 1/2 of the water to put in fresh water for the rest of the "goldies". I treated the water and filled it up and the little guys just swam all around. I love to sit out there and watch them! I've put my hummingbird feeder out back too and the little hummers come and eat - and fight over the food! They are so funny to watch!

I have lost 5 pounds! I cut back to 1 can of Sprite a day and it has made that much of a difference!! I also haven't been eating quite as much lately either. I still can't eat like I could before my dental surgery. I can't chew with my new ones STILL YET!! I hate those things... for anyone out there listening (reading) TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH AND KEEP THEM FOR EVER!!! NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER THINK THAT GETTING THE "FAKE ONES" WILL BE BETTER..... I may have a prettier smile and healthy gums, but I wish SO BAD that I had taken care of my teeth and still had them!!!!! SO BAD!! I want to eat chips, and bite into a sandwich, or eat popcorn like I used to! I'll get off my soapbox and hush now, sorry!!

Well, I think I'll go to bed since I don't have too much to say.
Good night and Happy Scrappin'


Amber H. said...

Lisa, your blog looks great! I'm so glad you liked that website :o) I thought that her layouts were really cute, so I'm glad you did too! And a BIG congrats on losing 5 lbs! That's awesome!

Teresa said...

Humming birds in the garden, that sounds wonderful. What do you feed them on? Is it the can of sprite that you don't have for yourself any more or would that not be too good for them?

Congratulations on loosing the weight, let's hope that you get your teeth sorted out soon, it can't be much fun for you. :0(

Zoe said...

Hey sweetie - welcome to the sisterhood. Im not sure if i have told you before or if you will have read on the sisterhood blog, but i have set up a group for all us sisters to join so we can all have fun together. If you can send me your email address i can send you an invitation hunni :) You can find a link to my email in my profile :)
Looking forward to chatting with you soon x x x