Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Monday Mornin' to ya!!

We had a GREAT weekend!! My class went well and Tiffany's benefit for Keeli Jo went VERY well!!

They had an auction with items that were donated and I was bidding on a George Foreman Grill and little did I know that my brother was up behind me-bidding against me! Needless to say HE WON IT :( I did get some good candles though. They raised somewhere around $3500 for the family!!!

This is Tiff and me, she was very appreciative of the money I gave her from the auction. SHE SAID TO TELL EVERYBODY THANK YOU!!!!

This is McKinley, Keeli Jo's big sister. Ain't she a sweetheart??

Here is a picture of a picture...Keeli Jo on July 15. She weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces now!!! She is growing and getting stronger everyday! Like I keep saying- prayers do get answered!!! Tiffany said she does have lung problems and will probably be on oxygen even when she comes home. They just don't know for how long she'll need it. They say it just depends on her.

Also been taking some pictures of the flowers I have blooming- Hibiscus... they only bloom once then fall off! I didn't know that! So I have to take the pictures to enjoy them!!
This little guy is enjoying it too!!

Will post more pictures of them later. Right now I'm off to town to try to get a haircut and gotta pay those bills!!
Happy Scrappin'

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Camille said...

Your niece looks so... just happy and relieved. I bet a big burden has been lifted with that money.