Sunday, July 27, 2008

Made some changes....

As you can see I've been busy makin' some HAPPY changes around here. Thanks to AMBER I've had one of my cutest blogs. Thanks for the help girl!! She got me on my scrappity bloggin' way. I found Allie Brown's blog and she has free blogs templates and instructions to help (IF I CAN DO IT... ANYONE CAN!!)I'm so glad she is out there to help the bloggity challenged ones like myself! You should go check out her site! It is LOADED with so many beautiful layouts for your blog- and they are FREE!!! ( just can't get over that... nothing this good is usually found for free!!)

I even updated all the links on the side. Well, I know all but 2 were working. I'll have to get the other 2 "debugged" tomorrow. You can click on the ETSY blinkie and you will go to my etsy shop! HOW COOL IS THAT!! I learned how to do that over at Allie's blog as well.

I found out today that our baby girl Keeli Jo is still improving. Tiffany will soon be getting to hold her ( without Keeli Jo having to be on a pillow). I know she is looking forward to that! Nearly 2 months after she was born and just now getting to hold her...I know she'll be a happy girl -they both will :)

It is really late so I guess I better shut this thing down and let it, and myself, get some much needed rest!
Good night and Happy Scrappin'

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