Saturday, July 12, 2008

Auction is going great!!!

The auction has 5 bids now!! GRRRREEEAAAT!! I'm so happy to see it going up!

Things have been pretty good at my house today! I got in the pool-alone... mom had the boys. I enjoyed about 30 minutes until I heard it... THUNDER!! It has rained here for the last 3-4 days now! I mean, I'm not complaining because it is usually dry this time of year! I also don't have to water all the plants if it rains that is an added bonus! We have a TON to water too!! It is all worth it to see them growing and beautiful though.

Here is a funny for you... I got this from our local newspaper... it is TOO funny and boy is it ever right on the money!!!

Will try and post more tomorrow...
Happy Scrappin' from a sleep-head :)


Camille said...

woohoo! I'm so glad to see your auction doing well. I got a reply from the BTDL group leader that she would post on their board to ask members to watch the auction for you.

Camille said...

Tag... you're it. Come read my blog for details!