Tuesday, July 15, 2008

12 Hours to end of auction...

We only have 12 more hours to go in the auction for Keeli Jo.

It is up to $41.00 now.----do I hear $45????

I've had over 300 viewers and I'm just thankful for the traffic on there. At least they are popping by to see :) Oh, and with 22 watchers, maybe someone will get the bidding up at the end. That is the way I've seen something go before...last minute bidders get vicious sometimes. In this case that would be good, very good :D

I have a class this Saturday and I've got to get busy kitting for it. If I have any extra I may list one in my etsy shop on Monday. I'll try to give a sneak peek at it sometime today.

Hoping all is well with everyone out there in blog land today!!
Happy Scrappin'


Dana said...

Thanks so much for the warm wishes on SYC.. hope to play with you there soon! Dana

Greta Adams said...

thank you for visiting us at SYC...now get off your tushy and play with us ;)


Camille said...

Too bad the auction didn't boom at the end there, but ti still did alright considering it's slow summer time..