Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is what I woke up to this morning. Nothing like a beautiful sunrise on a summer morning!

And these are what I found too! Love my flowers :)

These are my hubby's pride and joy!

And after all the things going on lately I've been really inspired to actually USE the things I have to make something!
This was fun and SO EASY! Roll up book pages, tape the back, hot glue first layer, hot glue second layer on top of that, make a rolled up rose from torn fabric and you have it. JUST DON'T ASK TO SEE THE BACK-- IT IS U-G-L-Y!! But it hangs and nobody will see the back!

A close up of the detail of the flower...

I may list one of these on Etsy. Do any of ya'll think one of these would sell on there? How much should I sell it for?

Hope you all have  a great night!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

It is a pretty morning! We've had rain over the weekend so that was some relief and we have cooler temps coming this week.


I LOVE reading your comments! I do feel like I'm a part of something bigger...and like I do belong here with ya'll! You have all made me feel welcome and I can't wait for the days to come. I'm inspired to work again! Going to start some more vintage things this week and start posting here, as well as a new blog that will be just for my creative stuff. This one is a bit of everything that is me.

For now, reality is calling my name with a load of laundry that I'm sure is dry and wrinkling by now. So I guess I'll go and get to work as the hubs is on his way home.
Have a wonderful day and a great week!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party Today!

I had really big plans for my Mad Tea Party celebration, but things change. I taught a class today and have came home so tired and so sleepy that I've just got to put things on hold. Oh, and on top of it all it picked today to be stormy and rainy! But in honor of today I've put a collage together using some picts. found out there on the web, and a photo frame collage from Shabby Scraps.
Hope you enjoy!


Have a MAD day everyone!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

RUSH Day for The Bloggerette Sorority

Karen from Some Days Are Diamonds is hosting an event... The Bloggerette Sorority "Rush". Today is THE day and although this day is almost over, I have made it! So, Karen, am I "in"??

Here is my wall hanging... I do hope ya'll like it! I had fun making this- my first thing made using a vintage photo and vintage "stuff". I'm hooked, gotta make more!!!

Here I am with my creation. I'm in my kitchen in front of my prized antique, hand painted cabinet (bought it painted, I can't paint that good! :). I'm a Southern gal, born and raised in Arkansas and been here all 38 years of my life. Love it here, seeing the stars at night, listening to the crickets sing their sweet songs, hearing the frogs holler, and all the other things that ya just can't get in the city...there just isn't anything much better!

Happy Scrappin' and Good night to all ya'll out there in the big ole blog land!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to my little crafty cottage!

Edited: Now that I'm awake I've added some more pictures. The 2 am uploads didn't include some things I wanted to show, so here you go :)  Enjoy!

Welcome! Won't you come in and have a look around? So glad to have you and I hope you enjoy your visit to the Where Blogger Create blog party.

My little crafty cottage is a labor of love! We had her delivered last June and I have just finished her recently. I've been working hard trying to get it just right for me to get creative and have a place for everything.

Above you'll find my front porch- which I LOVE! These are my work tables. I have 2 put together as an L shape.
Also here is a fake cake I made. It didn't turn out quite like I'd like for it to have, but I was happy with it for my first try.

Below is a picture showing the whole room from the front door. The dimensions are 12X20. I love the room I had as I was in the spare bedroom in the house. We had this building special built to the size I thought I'd need.
This is where I read all of YOUR blogs at! I can look out my front window and enjoy the sunshine. The window that was there was just a 24X36, but we had that one taken out and this one put in- so glad we did. I have to have my sunlight!

This is Matilda. That is the name the lady from the antique store gave her. I love my pom pom, but had no where to put it- so it is her head! The collar is also a handmade antique. It had to go on Matilda and she LOVES it. The cabinet behind her holds all my crepe paper rolls, doilies, lace and such. It is perfect for storing lots of things as the drawers are only about 3 inches tall and there are 10 of them.

I'm not sure why this picture looks squished, but it is my Yudu cabinet and I have my Big Shot here and all my dies.

This is my desk I use as my "office business" but it doubles as a work space for my kids. I have all their art supplies out for them to come in and create any time they want to.

Here is my very large and ugly shelf- but hey, it sure holds a lot of stuff! I have my glitter, tulle, beads, and vintage goodies here along with my DreamCuts cutter. Also my Xyron stuff is here along with some extra stuff (better known as JUNK!)

One of my favorite things about my room is my pegboard and the lights around it. I love the glow and I can have a bit of holiday cheer all year long!

Most of my things came from yard sales or from our local antique store. This little shelf was originally an old post office item. It holds so much- that is great for a small space.

Another find at the antique store! I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled upon it! I grabbed it at a steal for $12.

Another hobby I have is crocheting. I started because I wanted to make my own flower embellishments for scrappin'. I didn't know anything when I started. I taught myself with the help from YouTube and experimenting. Now I've figured out some of the other basic stitches and have started a blanket for my son. It is coming along slowly, but surely.

Oh and I cannot leave out my two sweet girls! They are always out here with me- and usually asleep! That is why I refer to them as floor warmers! :)
This is Gracie... studio floor warmer number one. I got her a few months back and fell in love with her. She is so sweet, but VERY stubborn sometimes!

This little cutie pie is Bella, floor warmer number two. I first named her Angel, but SHE AIN'T NO ANGEL!!! So Bella she is, or little 'en. She came along just three weeks ago. I wondered if Gracie would leave her alone... well, miss Bella follows poor Gracie around trying to chew on every inch of her furry little body! She has gotten better, as now they will lay snuggled up together. She is such a snuggly little girl. Usually right after her bath she will go to sleep while I'm drying her off. BUT... house breaking is BREAKING ME!!! But she's cute :) That is what keeps me going!

Here is my little building on the lot where it was built, the pict. with me standing by the porch was the day it was delivered and the other two are as she looks today.

This collage shows my pegboard and my collection of things. That is what it is - definitely a collection!

Next is some of my "pretties". I love this old stuff! It has a beauty that the new things just can't compare to. I'm like a lot of others... just can't get enough. In fact, I'm supposed to be looking at more tomorrow. Hopefully the price will be good!

Random shots of my studio, it is hard to show everything in just a few pictures so I thought the collage would work better.

The last set is a couple more of my favorite things. My pink payphone that really works. You drop in a coin and you get the ding you used to with the older ones. It is push button, so it is a cheater- but I still love it!
Another love of mine is yarn. I love the feel, color and texture! I just can't get enough of it :)
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I went to a yard sale today and hit the jackpot! I got these things and a ton more. I found the prettiest lace and old aprons, doilies, table runners, and fabric. You won't believe how much I spent....

LOOK AT THIS! I've never in my life found anything so pretty! I just about fell over when I found it! Oh, and when I found all the fabric and lace I grabbed it up thinking I might have to knock someone over if they reached for it. I'm sure I looked like a starved animal at his feast when I was going through it all!!

OK, I spent $20.75! I was thrilled with all I brought home!

I do hope you enjoyed coming in to my little crafty cottage. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I'd love some crafty/creative criticism... Just be nice :)

I'm off to take a looksie at all the other creative bloggers' blogs out there.
Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

Are you about ready? I know I am!! On Saturday morning myself, along with a few hundred other women, are going to let you step into our studios/craft rooms and show off our work spaces . We are all busy as can be getting ready for the big "reveal" Sat. morning.  Be sure you check out Karen's blog first thing and go to each link on her list to see all the magic. When you get there scroll down and you will see the list of participants on the right.

I will have a TON of pictures... from when my building was on the lot before they brought it out, as they were setting it up, inside and unfinished and then the final result from the priming, painting, flooring put in, decorations up... what it looks like today.  I do hope you like what you see here. If you stop by PLEASE leave a comment to let me know you stopped by and if you have any suggestions let me know.  I 'm always looking for ideas to make it better and more productive. I move my things around so often I think my hubs thinks I'm crazy!

Off to finish up and start with my photos.... have LOTS to edit!!

Have a great day!
Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogger Sorority

I found this link on Karen's blog this morning. It really sounds like fun and I know I'm going to join in. You should too! Just click the link to check out the details.

Have a ton of pictures to post so look out.... be ready for a long post VERY soon!!
Have a great day and Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Am I a Glutton or what? Two of them??

An Angel?? I don't think so.
Well, I'm in love... with my newest addition to the Hodge family! I had Gracie, but now I have Angel. She is a 13 week old little live wire! She WILL NOT leave our Gracie alone!! Poor thing, she gets chewed on, growled at, sniffed, and jumped on CONSTANTLY!!!! I thought the trouble would be that Gracie wouldn't leave the puppy alone, but no! It is the other way around! Oh, boy- yes I'm a glutton for punishment!
I was playing around with Picassa that came on my laptop and created this collage.
Angel's momma was named Angelique, so I thought I keep it close by naming her Angel. But she is more like a Demon, I think! Adorable, but sneaky. Precious, but rambunctious!

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I really like the way the collage thing worked. I will start using this a lot. It is a great way to post a lot of pictures without having to upload each one.

I will post many more soon!! Fun fun! A new toy to play with! Funny, had this since last summer and have never made a collage - now I'm hooked!

Have a great SUMMER day!!
Happy Scrappin'