Sunday, December 20, 2009

Only 4 days till Christmas Eve!

I have not blogged since right after Thanksgiving! Shame on Me!!! So much has happened since then... I FINALLY quit my job :) TONS of Christmas shopping then wrapping it all up, working on a scrapbook for a lady and have to have it finished by TOMORROW! I work better under pressure, um, I think!

We had Christmas at mom's yesterday because that is when my brother and his family could be there... and it was good. I took a TON of picts that I will show later. My poor memory card is so full, it'll take all day to upload them to my computer!!

We have developed a new but strange family tradition -- nearly EVERY holiday someone in my family gets hurt, pretty badly too. So, now I cringe at the thought of the holidays because I never know who is going to be next... Let me start off from last year, my step-son's grandma was in the hospital on Thanksgiving. Next, my mom fell the day before Christmas Eve and hit her head. She had 11 stitches, a concussion, a stay in the hospital and didn't get home until about 6:00 pm on Christmas Eve. The very next Easter my oldest son was stepped on by a bull he was riding in the rodeo. He was VERY lucky! He wasn't wearing his head gear and had 7 stitches at the top of his forehead. We were pretty calm until Thanksgiving... My oldest son's grandpa fell out of a tree stand and shattered his ankle! Had to have surgery and pins and it was pretty bad. Well, I knew Christmas was coming and had joked "Wonder who is going to be next"? Well, it was my middle boy, Hunter. He was riding in an ATV mule thingy and his friend was driving. The other boy says he was driving along and then had no control of the steering. Well, they slid a bit and then turned over. It was on Hunter's side. He hurt his ankle pretty bad, but it wasn't fractured- THANK GOODNESS THAT IT WASN'T WORSE THAN IT WAS!!!! He is on crutches and does not like it! He's got to stay off his ankle for about a week then he can start using it again. I think he's going to go crazy before then!! He hates those things!

So you see, when I don't post regularly I come back with a bang hu??

Can't wait till Christmas! We usually have a visit from Santa around 6pm on Christmas Eve. The kids will have a good one this year and I'm so thankful for that. I do think often of the families that are less fortunate... Please pray for the ones that are away from their families this Holiday season, the military men and women who are out there night and day so that we can sleep peacefully at night. Remember the ones who have little or nothing this year. So many families are struggling to find work, food, and even a home to live in. And as bad as it hurts me to think about it, the little ones who will wake up with nothing on Christmas morning. But the ones we really need to keep in our prayers are the ones who don't know what Christmas is all about. The ones without the Gift of Life. When you open your gifts and look around at all the smiling faces and eat all that wonderfully prepared food, just say a prayer for someone... we all know someone who can use those... and I know 100 percent that prayer works!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Scrappy goodnight!!, er, well it's morning now- got a bit carried away!


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