Thursday, December 31, 2009

My plans.....

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Good Morning! Well, it is that time of year again... the last day of this year and looking forward to day number one of a brand new year. New Year full of New Beginnings! Well, I'm on the band wagon this year!

As of Saturday morning this will be my new best friend!!

I have a BIG goal set for myself. I know, shouldn't do such big ones but I'm going to.
Goal: Lose 40 Pounds- BUT I'm not putting a time limit on myself to do so. If it takes me a year then it just does.

Other things I am GOING TO DO this year:
Start going back to church.
Pray more.
Use the WII more often to get in better shape.
Play with my kids more.
Scrapbook more.
Blog more.
Clean more. - notice this comes AFTER scrapbooking, hmmmm???? :)
Shop LESS!
Talk LESS - Listen MORE!
Eat LESS chocolate - Eat MORE fruit :(
Complain LESS!

Can she do it? I think she can!

Also, I failed to mention that I am, once again, a Close To My Heart Consultant. So happy to be back with them!!!
If you sign up to be a consultant LOOK at what all you get....

for a fraction of the cost if you bought it all.....

The SPRING catalog is full of beautiful papers and new things you really should go see it here...

Some pictures from Christmas this year..
My middle and youngest boys before opening presents on Christmas Eve night.

This is my oldest son opening his Christmas presents...

Our purdy Chritmas tree

I've never posted one of these... this is me and my hubby. I got a tripod for Christmas and was trying it out for this picture.

This is a better picture of the two of us...

This is mom with our MIRACLE BABY.. Keeli Jo. She weighed one pound and 6 ounces when she was born. Look at her now! She is beautiful and truly a gift and blessing from GOD!!

My Dakota Bob making Rice Crispy Candy with me on Christmas Eve

Saw this in an email I got this morning AND I LIKED IT.... PASSING IT ALONG---
Accept myself, forgive myself, and get back up whenever I fall down.

If you are still with me- Thank you, thank you for reading my blog through this year. I really do want to be a better blogger next year, but we all know sometimes LIFE just happens first.

Whatever your plans are for tonight... be safe and be happy.
Have a Happy New Year and may God bless each and every day in the coming New Year!

Happy Scrappin'

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Sue from Oregon said...

Lovely post Lisa...what a wonderful family! Wishing you the best 2010!