Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

December 37 years ago... that is me with my daddy. I miss him so much this year! It seems worse now than before. I know he's still with me, but I just miss him dearly. I dream about him so much lately and I think that is why I miss him, I'm with him in my dreams and wake up and I'm not... makes me miss him that much more. But, no sappy tear jerky stuff today... Just sweet memories to share!

My MawMaw at Christmas supper. Not sure what year it was but look at those glasses! I'd love to have the recipes of all the good food she prepared over the years.

Daddy stealing a kiss from Momma at Christmas...probably around '74, I'm guessing.

Remembering the ones that have long gone home....My uncle Ricky holding me when I was just a few days old.

I'll leave you with a "SWEET" picture... literally... not sure what this was daddy was feeding me, but I've been told it was Pepsi in a bowl and he was using the spoon to feed me!!

Enjoy Christmas with your families and love them with all you have. Never take a minute for granted and always tell them you love them.

Hope Santa is good to all of you out there in blog land tonight! (I think I'm getting a GYPSY for Christmas... I'll let you know for sure!!)

Merry Christmas and God Bless!.........and to All A Good Night!!!

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