Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watermelon Festival Parade picts and scrap house progress picts

Last Sat. we had our 30th annual Watermelon Festival and I took some picts. at the parade and have to show them off!!

This cutie was on a float for our pet grooming place here in town...

This screams small town America... makes me so glad to live here!!

Seeing all these tractors was great!

This was one of the longest parades I guess I've ever seen come through! Probably lasted a good 40 minutes! It was worth every minute being out in the heat!

My scrap house is coming along, slowly but surely.
I took this pict. standing at the front of the building.

It is approx. 12 feet wide and 20 feet long. It is a good room size...but when I start putting my junk in there I'm sure it will seem like it is shrinking with every item added :) BUT... the room/space I'm in now is much smaller so having a place for everything will seem really nice! I can spread it all out a bit more when I get the building finished and that I can't wait for!
This is from the back door.

We have it wired and the ceiling joists put up. Next is insulation and then the sheetrock... and the sheetrock and labor will be approx. $850!! WOW! That is so expensive... so that we will wait on for a bit...I can go out and dream now though!

I am soooo undecided on the paint colors. I want it to be either a shabby French thing with pink and creamy white walls and trim with black accessories, or white with pink. I may even paint it green and use my pink stuff I have already... I painted nearly everything I have pink at one point :)

I love my little building and I'm so glad that my hubby had the idea! I just can't wait to get it finished! I would really like to have my classes in there, but I doubt there will be enough room for that :)

Happy Scrappin'!

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Bev J. said...

Loved the parade photos-what a great parade!

Also great to have your own scrappin' haven. Hope you enjoy your time there. tfs