Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long time no blog!

It has been exactly 10 days since my last post. Things have been c-r-a-z-y here! Won't go in to all the details.

The weather is really nice here! Cool and it has rained!! We are lovin' it.
We went to the Watermelon Festival last Sat.but I don't have any pictures. I also went to my Close To My Heart unit meeting and missed the parade on that Sat. morning, but it was worth it! We had so much fun!! I learned a lot, won some great door prizes, had great food and made new friends! This one gal in particular... Tracy.Her blog addy is http://joyinliving.blogspot.com ((YEP you STILL gotta cut and paste... I STILL don't know how to get this thing to insert the hyperlink for a web addy!!)) She's a Christian, scrapbooker, and great gal! They were all sweeties up there and they LOVE what they do! I'm going to be adding their blogs in the righthand column under CTMH SISTERS... you need to go check out their blogs!

I go back to on the 25th, so my blogging may slow down considerably. I dread it...after being off for 3 months I DON'T want to go back :( I'd rather stay home with my bloggy friends-but that doesn't pay like the grocery store does-unfortunately!! I don't know, maybe going back will be OK... I'll get to see everybody again. I kind of miss the "grandmas and grandpas" that would come through my line. I see them and family after a while, some of them I see more than I see my own family members!!

My little one has come in once already asking for toast and butter so I guess I need to go feed the little guy! Oh, there he is again! I better go!! :)

I'll try to get back in the scrappin' swing of things and post more of that!!
Happy scrappin'


Teresa said...

Sounds like you have had a busy time of it. I have a scrap book that I need to do, but as it is my first, it is taking me ages. Blogging has been taking up most of my time, but now that the sisterhood has sorted out which group I will be in (SBS 23) I can start getting to know a smaller group. I was getting a little overwhelmed what with learning all about blogging at the same time.

Well pleased to meet you. Good luck with the job, and I'll pop back again soon. (I could just do with a bit of toast at the moment).

Toni said...

Looks like I may be joining SBS group 23 - not quite official yet but there seems to be space.
Just wanted to leave a quick comment to say hope to chat soon!!
Have a look thru your blog and everything looks STUNNING!
Toni x

Jo Nevill said...

Hi Lisa

Just wanted to stop by and say I look forward to getting to know you in SBS group 23.

Love your blog !

Jo x

Zoe said...

Hey sweetie, another of your fellow sisters here!! You have such a fab blog here hunni! I cant wait get to know you better!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Hey Sister! Looking forward to getting to know our group...this should be fun!