Saturday, May 17, 2008


I was supposed to blog last Monday. I do have MAJOR updates from then. I went on Monday morning to get my teeth made. Let me tell you-it was AWFUL! Yucky and somewhat painful(because of my gums not being 100% healed). I was there for about 3 hours and dropped mom off at her house. I was leaving her road and pulled out in front of a lady and caused an accident!! It was horrible! I looked and saw nothing coming and looked again and it was too late. She swerved to miss me and we collided. She took my front passenger side bumper off and I hit her passenger side front tire. I think it might have broken something inside of it, because the tried to get it on the wrecker by driving it but couldn't. I felt(and still do) feel terrible for what happened! Thank the Good Lord above that no one was hurt and we didn't have passengers. My car has about $3,800 worth of damage done to it.

We were both VERY LUCKY that we weren't hurt. Cars can be fixed.

Oh and then mom had to take me back up to get my teeth. Well, they were more like evil filled pieces of plastic! They hurt so bad and I thought they looked awful in my mouth! I gagged every time I put them in. Oh and you know when you put those fake teeth in at halloween how it feels to you and how you sound when you try to talk with them in? Well, that sums it up pretty well! But... that was 5 days ago. My speech is getting better and they look pretty good to me now. I just wish I could eat with them. I can't do that yet. I tried drinking soda pop from a can yesterday and thought I was going to drown myself right there. I couldn't really tell where it was in there. It was an experience that is for sure!

I promised some before, during and after pictures when it was all said and done. Here they are. Some are just horrible but you have to get the full effect to really see the before and after.

This one is the day of my surgery just before we left. March 19, 2008

My hubby took this one on March 23- 4 days after the surgery. You can see the massive bruising on my cheeks. Terrible picture with no makeup and hair not fixed.

This one was taken the same day. My first day in "the land of the living". It was nice to fix my hair and put on some makeup. You can still see the bruising even with the makeup.

This one was taken on March 26. You can still see the bruises but they are getting lighter.

OK... are you ready.. this was taken today... with my new teeth. I sure hope all that was worth this!

OK so there you have it. The long road from then to now. I can honestly say that trying to wear the teeth hurts worse than having them all cut out!! I have to have another adjustment next week and hopefully that will get me all fixed up. Then it is on to learning how to actually chew again. Hard to believe you can forget something like that, but after having no teeth for (2 months on Monday) so long you really do forget!
Off to bed! Goodnight all- until the next blog!!
Happy Scrappin'! and God Bless!!


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