Friday, May 23, 2008

I got my car back from the body shop today....

I finally got my car back today... It looks pretty good. There are some flaw in it, but compared to what it looked like 2 weeks ago it is pretty nice. The body work was really good, but the paint job lacked a lot!
Here she is all fixed up...

I am enjoying my summer off so far. This was a really good day. I stayed in my scraproom pretty much all day. This is what I was doing. I'm really loving Donna Downey these days. I live on her blogspot and love her video blogs! She is so great! I want to be Donna when I grow up! Ha! Ha! I have been looking at all her stuff and have been trying some of her techniques. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm copying her work, I'm just trying some of the things she does to see how they look.
This is the canvas I did today and some close ups so you can read the print I've highlighted.

I'm planning on trying to go yard saleing in the morning. If I wake up and feel pretty good. I'm on the look out for books. Books that I can tear and rip out of for my canvases. I'm planning on doing more of them and maybe listing on ebay. Things are pretty bleak these days, so faith in ebay sales I have very little of these days! I may try it in hopes to be a "bite". Selling one of my canvases would be all it would take to get my spirits up. And earning money this way while being off of work would definately put a feather in my cap!!
Well, off to bed. I'm pretty tired tonight. Until the next blog...Happy Scrappin'!!

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