Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Better Day!!

Today has been FANTASTIC!!! I drove myself to town today. Went to the store where I work and visited with everybody, made myself a hair appt. for Friday, made a pot of soup, which was SOOOO good! I have not really had any pain today at all! My menu for today: Breakfast- Mashed potatoes, lunch- soup with crackers, supper- cauliflower,carrots, and broccoli smashed together with 1000 Island Dressing. I've actually had a variety today and BELIEVE ME THAT MAKES THIS GAL A VERY HAPPY GAL!!! Oh, I forgot sometime in there I had a good bowl of cinnimon and spice oatmeal. I can not believe the things I've been missing the last few days! I've got to go eat something in a little bit so I can take my medicine before bed. Oh, and my stitches have started to come out. That is an added bonus! Those little critters are driving me crazy! I'm growing quite fond of my "new look"! I put my pretty pink toothbrush away yesterday! Feels weird not brushing my teeth everyday!! I got James a while ago! It was SO FUNNY!! I yelled at him as he was walking away, " Hey! Do I have any broccoli stuck between my teeth?" He stopped for a second and then it hit him! He did the oh ha ha thing!!
Going to go get something to eat! OH WOW!! THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD!!
I can actually eat and enjoy it somewhat now! Didn't think I would get that feeling back for awhile, but I am there!! YIPEEEE!!!
Good Lord has got me through another tough time... He ALWAYS comes through!!

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Camille said...

Hey Lisa! I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Your mood sounds very good. Congrats!