Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Easter!

Today is day 4 after the surgery and I'm feeling unbelievably much better!! I was thinking I'd never feel better, but I am! I'm still sore and it hurts to try to eat something, but I'm making it OK. I don't know if I'll go to mom's for the Easter thing but it is OK if I don't. She came here yesterday and brought my little Dakota Bob, who I have not seen since he got on the bus last Wednesday. He wouldn't hardly look at me. He hugged me and held on for awhile and just patted me, but I think he's afraid to look.

I've missed my little boys that is for sure. But I've also got some much needed rest through all of this. Mom came to get his Easter basket and brought me some beautiful Hyacithinths (spelling?). I want a yard full of those! They smell so good!! I know one thing for sure. I've been taking a lot of things for granted lately and that needs to stop. There are so many small things that I've not been able to do these last few days. I've not driven since last Tuesday! It would be nice just to hop in my car (nasty as it is- she needs a bath real bad!) and go. Getting groceries, not an elaborate task, but I enjoy it none the less! Poor James had to go last Friday and get them, he had some trouble finding it all I think. But, I am on the mend and this WILL NOT get the best of me! I'm scheduled to go back to work this coming Thursday but I may take it off too. When I go back I want to be as close to 100% as I can be.
"Hopping" today will be a great Easter Day! Until next time, I keep eating my mashed potatoes with Terrikay (spelling?)sauce!! :)

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