Monday, March 17, 2008

2 More Days...

Well, I have 2 days left to go before my surgery. It is finally starting to sink in that I will have NO TEETH! I usually do really good up until the day or two before something like this, and then the day of... I completely freak out!! I'm holding together pretty good for now, but I can feel it building. I keep telling myself it will all be OK, but still shakin' in my shoes!! I've heard horror stories of people getting a vein cut and bleeding alot and that bacteria can get in to your blood stream and it can be very life threatening! So, my calmness, if there was any- is long gone!! I know that when it is all over I can look back, just like it did with getting my gall bladder out, and it will seem like no big deal- or that is what I'm hoping for anyway! I've got good pain pills so I know at least I can sleep through most of the discomfort that day and the few days afterward.
I've been eating everything I can get my little hands on too! I am going to bring pizza home tomorrow night for all of us! My last meal, er well, last one with teeth- I plan on sticking around for a long time! I can eat until 6:30 on Wed. morning, so you can bet I'll be crammin' it in then too!! I'm gaining weight, but I plan on losing some too. I guess on applesauce and soup, I've got to lose some. And I plan to walk when it warms up. My mom says she's going to walk this summer too! I want to look good, so when I do have my teeth made, I'll have my own "REVEALING", my own Extreme Makeover!!
Well, my stuffed belly full of 2 chili, slaw, and cheese hotdogs, french fries and a cherry turnover are signing off tonight... will post again tomorrow and the morning of to try to ease the nerves.

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