Friday, October 24, 2008

Just one more day.......

I was going through some of my copies of some OLD pictures that mom had and came across this one. I've never scrapbooked any pictures of my MawMaw and PawPaw, daddy's mom and daddy,so I decided to. I don't remember much about going to their house, except for these things....
*it was always SO HOT in there that I wanted to go home as soon as we got there
*the time my cousin almost stepped on a snake and I had to go get help
*the STUPID turkeys that pawpaw had up at the barn, I'd try to go up past them and they'd chase me, or at least that is what I thought they were doing (I was somewhere around maybe 7 or 8... I know my sister may be reading this, so if I'm wrong, then oops!)
*eating WATERMELONS, pawpaw grew them and we'd eat them out back on the picnic table
*smelling the money he'd get from the sale of his watermelons, he kept the money in a cigar box... oh what I wouldn't give for one of his boxes!!
*CHRISTMAS EVE was always spent at their house... after we'd go home SANTA CLAUS had been to see me! What a joy that was :)
*their names... Mildred and Ervin, we always gave him a carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes for CHRISTMAS
I wish I could have them back now! I know I'd enjoy my time spent with MawMaw, I'm sure she could have taught me many things. I was pretty young when they passed away. I think I was 12 when PawPaw died, not sure about MawMaw.
Just one more day with each member of my family that has passed away, that is what I'd like... just one more day.

Still using the cardboard! I got some lace at Hobby Lobby last Monday and used a bit and my Sizzix 4" scalloped circle die and another flower die with the dictionary pages to make the flowers. The patterned paper is actually some I got from the Dollar Tree! It is not too bad for a buck ;)

Have a great night!
I've got to go feed the fish and put some more water in my little pond... I think it is leaking! Gotta feed the birdies too! They are all over the place out back and their feeders are empty!
Going to play some more! I've got some Liquid Applique to use for a class project for November. I'll let ya know how it turns out.
Happy Scrappin'!!

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Dawn said...

Wow Lisa this is gorgeous - great elements and detail!
Love it!