Sunday, October 26, 2008

Couldn't sleep so I made this....

I found one of these on another blog and decided to try it. I woke up at 5 am yesterday and couldn't sleep... I wanted to try this so bad! I did and it worked!!
This is my daddy.... I wanted to give it to mom for Christmas but couldn't wait that long!! I should have put his name on it... but DID NOT want the birthday and the last day of his life on there! That would be a constant reminder that he is not with us... he is, just not physically.

I'm thinking of listing this on etsy... not this one, but showing what it would look like and then let the buyer send me a photo and I could put it on the candle and ship it to them. It could say anything they wanted it to anywhere on their's ... what do you think? I really don't know how much to charge for something like this... Maybe $10 for a personalized candle??? Is that too much???

I read STEPHANIE ACKERMAN'S blog daily. That girl is so funny!! You have to go see her and leave her some LOVE! Believe me, she is sharing hers! She is an inspiration to me and lots of others out there, I'm sure you'll be blessed too by reading her blog. She is talented and God led in every sense of the word! Oh, and I LOVE her stuff!! Her doodles are so good and, well, it is all good.... you'll just have to go see for yourself!

I get to go to a local scrapbook convention in 12 days!!! I've been counting down for months now! It is a 3 1/2 hour drive for me! Hope I can do it! It is called the Scrapbook Extravaganza and it is year 8 (I think) for this! I've been to the 3rd one up till now, so this will make me 5 going to. We have 8 (9 this year) classes, a t-shirt, goodie bag and so much more! It is a big deal for us Arkansas girls. The local scrapbook store I worked for is the ones who put it on every year. This one is supposed to be the biggest one yet!! You can go to the website and read about it if you like... and hey anyone out there... you can get a ticket - they still have some left. Their site is click HERE to go there....
Well, I have TONS to do today so I need to get busy!
Have a great day to y'all!!
Happy Scrappin'


CathQuillScrap said...

Saw your comment on Stephanie's blog and thought I'd come visit. Your blog is so pretty... I'm going to investigate there too.
Come visit me sometime... just chatting.

April Hall said...

What a neat candle! I hope she enjoys it!

Dawn said...

Hi Lisa
Wow the image came out so clear it;s perfect!


Paper doll said...

The image is so crystal clear. Great job, your mother is going to cherish the candle.