Saturday, September 6, 2008

UNUSUAL Visitor???

Today I looked out the window and saw the stangest thing on the bucket of my wishing well in the front yard. I took my camera and started snapping pictures thinking, ok, this thing is going to come out of here and flog me.. but I got closer and closer. He just sat there looking at me. He was beautiful! I don't know what kind of bird he was though. Here are lots of pictures of this little unusual visitor.

I told Hunter to go and get a handful of birdseed, but he was NOT interested in what Hunter had to offer!

I was afraid he was going to bite Hunter's hand instead of taking the food, so we aborted that plan immediately! He jumped, more like flapped, over to the edge of the wishing well and just stayed there watching us all. He finally got up on the top bar where the bucket hangs from. He finally flew down when I tried to take more pictures of him. I guess he thought he'd had enough.

I also go to get some really good close ups of my hummingbirds. They flew within inches of my head! I was afraid one might use my ear as a feeding tube!! :)

This is my oldest... ain't he a handsome feller?

He is 17 and this much bigger than I am, but it doesn't take much since I'm only 5 feet tall!

These are some more of my adorable WILD CREATURES!!

I guess I'm makin' up for lost time on here today, hu?? :) Sorry for the long blog but this was a REALLY eventful day!!
I got my threading water punch in the mail today and so I think I'm going to go play with it and make some cards or something...
Have a good night!
Happy Scrappin'!!


Camille said...

Wow! Your oldest sure has grown since the last pic I saw of him. He sure is handsome! Lady killer... Based on the size, I think that might have been a swansons hawk in your yard. It didn't like the bird seed because hawks are carnivors. If you brought him a piece of raw steak he probably would have eaten it.... and taken your son's finger with it!

Joey said...

Lovely piccys! All birds are the same to me, you got some fab photos of him, your son is brave I dont think I could have got so close to him! lol.x

Amber H. said...

That is awesome! Did it lay any eggs in that bucket? That is the only time I've ever been able to get that close to something without it flying away...when it was protecting it's nest. How fun though! It looks like some sort of a hawk, but you should try to look it up! Those hummingbird pictures are great too. LOVE IT!

Dawn said...

Wow he looks like some sort of bird of prey - stunning bird and photos!


Nikki said...

The pics of the hawk are stunning, I sure hope you scrap that moment!

Paper doll said...

Wow the bird is beautiful,how neat to have a visit like that. Cute boys!!!

Sarah said...

That's cool that you had that bird of prey near your house!! And the pics of the hummingbirds were pretty too!! You take amazing photos!!

Sincerely,Sonja said...

Ha, Ha I have to laugh. That could be me in a few years. I too am 5 ft, and I know I am going to have some boys that are going to be taller than me.

And yes, HE IS IN MY BOAT!

Love all your creativity!!