Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have been busy, tired and just plain lazy lately! I've not been on here in ahwile, and it is so hard to find the time to blog since I've gone back to work. I use up every minute of my time and when it is TIME to actually blog I'm too tired. I hate having to work! DON'T WE ALL!!! In a nice world I could spend all my time with my scrappy blogging friends and make things all day long!! Now, if I could just find a way to make money at it!!?? But it's not all bad!! I got paid last Wed. That was GOOD!!!

I was able to get a few things this week... a new paper trimmer. Mine is the BIG one from Fiskars, the black one with the 15" swing arm. I LOVE that kind. I had the purple one and used it so much I had it where it wouldn't cut straight anymore. It was a good one!! So I bought a new one like it, just black. I need to get the scoring blade for it. My hubby also brought me in two Martha Stewart border punches. I love these! One is lace, the other is more of a zig zag that embosses and cuts. I ordered the Fiskars Threading Water punch and can't wait to get it. I have my class coming up next weekend and want to use it for the class. I get my BIG Close To My Heart order in on Monday and can't wait to play with all the new goodies! I started with 9 people in the class and it grew to 15!! I've got 2 ladies that may get to take it too, if so that would be 17! I can't believe when I started back in Feb. that I only had 3 gals there! Something is going right!!

Being a CTMH consultant is one of the best things I stumbled onto. I love it! It gives me a way to get to teach again and make a little extra money and get some free goodies too! If anyone is interested in learning more, email me and I'll get you signed up. You can get started doing what YOU love! I have lots of ideas for upcoming classes and will be posting some of them here when I get them finished.

I'm lovin' all the Halloween stuff out there now. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't agree with some of the Halloween "hard core" dress up stuff, but the ghosts and witches with the haunted house in the background, the creepy tree with the full moon and the spooky owl sitting on the limb, that is what I like. Fall is one of my favorite seasons! I'm hoping to get to go with James in the big truck some this fall (didn't go in the summer).. I want to see the trees as they are changing colors. He goes up in the hills some and they are beautiful I'm sure.

I put up 2 more hummingbird feeders in my little water garden. That made me 3 feeders in all for them. Those little guys have been going nuts since then! I sat on the bench yesterday and they were so close I could have reached out and touched them. They are beautiful! Protective of their feeders though! Right now there is one sitting "on gaurd". If another gets close, she will fly off her perch and run the "intruder" off. They are so funny to watch.

Well, I've rambled on long enough...I'll post some purdy flower pictures later.

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Paper doll said...

I know exactly how you feel. I knew once going back to work that my blog hopping and postin would take a hit. I see that we have 3 things in common, the Lord, CTMH and SBS23. cant wait to get to know you.