Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lifebook 2015!

So I jumped in and signed up for Tam's Lifebook 2015!!     You can click the link    ( here )and go to Tamara Laporte's Ning site and check it out...
 Also decided to take her Summer Girls class as part of my sign up package. These are my first two paintings and I'm very happy with the results!

Along with LifeBook 2015  you could choose and extra, add on class of Tam's so I chose Summer Girls.
She is a mixed media gal on 12X12 Watercolor paper. I used Neocolors, gesso, and acrylic paint.

This is lesson was called Beacon Of Light from week one of LifeBook 2015.
She is painted on 12X12 Watercolor paper.
I Used Neocolors along with Acrylic paint, Gesso, Stamping, Pencil, Paint Pen, and a little bit of glitter.
 My hope is to let my Light shine brightly so others can see God through me-
not to glorify me or what I can do- but to glorify God and show ALL things are possible with HIM.

Some other things I've been keeping busy with.... 

Santa Claus... I LOVE Christmas and recently discovered I can draw a little bit. So I've been looking for Santa Pictures to draw from. He's Number 3. Pencil, tissue, and a kneaded eraser.

This is my daddy. We lost him going on 14 years ago. I miss him so very much! I wondered if I could draw him from a photo and get close enough to tell who it was. After a lot of prayers and hours spent pencil in hand I did it. I was blown away with the results... He is the first one I've ever done! I was surprised how it turned out. It goes to show God listens to even the smallest of prayers.
I used pencil, tissue and kneaded eraser for this one also. My pencil is just a cheap .007 lead mechanical pencil from Walmart...nothing fancy at all.

Off to do the next lesson from LB'15

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