Friday, July 15, 2011


 Where Bloggers Create 2011
Karen from My Desert Cottage is hosting again this year... Click HERE to go see all the attendees and their rooms!
Welcome to my blog!
Won't you come in to my room... a room for scrapbooking, painting, mixed media, and whatever else I might dabble in.
 Make yourself at home and look around.
When you come into my room this is the view to the left side of the room...
 and this is looking to the right side of the room (ignore the white stuff down there in the lower left corner... was editing with brushes in PSE and missed that... so it's an "oops")
 This is Bella, one of my precious Fur Baby Poms. Gracie was snoozing somewhere else at the time. Love my "girls"!!!!!!!

My computer where you can find me most of the time :-)

 I have a 10' long piece of cabinet top that I use as my computer desk (above) the other half is where I do my scrapbooking. You can see my Making Memories spinning organizer which holds a TON of my stuff I use frequently.  I also have a Cropper Hopper paper holder which I store my things I currently working on. This helps to "contain the mess" somewhat.  I have my Tim Holtz Distress Inks out and ready to use.  My Cricut Expression is at the end of the workspace.

 This shelf holds all of my "good paint". I hadn't ever used Golden products until a couple of months ago. Let me tell you... they are the BEST!! You definitely get for what you pay for!! They are just fantastic!!
 I love my angel. I found her at the Dollar Tree and she is just so pretty! She keeps me company my "crafty angel".  You can see the scallops on the shelf here just a bit. I took an old ugly shelf and painted it pink, then whitewashed over that. Next added some die cut scallops cut from old music paper. To finish it off I give it a heavy coating of glitter!
My Cricut Imagine and all of my cartridges.

Next to my Imagine is this shelf... bought at Home Depot. It was a 2 pack and I just love 'em!
You can see inside the drawers in the next couple of pictures.
  This drawer is some CTMH stamps, chipboard mini albums and some burlap canvases that I have big plans for.

This one holds stickers, rubons and anything I want close at hand for my mixed media endeavors.
 At the bottom of the shelf I have my Teresa Collins Stamp maker and the supplies needed for it. I love that thing!!!!! Why didn't someone come up with it long before now??? Thank you Teresa!!!!!!
 Moving on around the room... This is another Home Depot shelf. It is really tall and holds a ton of my "garbage" as I call it ( NO, I know it is NOT garbage) 
I have more mixed media supplies on the smaller shelf  and you can see all my paper on the next 2 shelves. On the top I keep my cigar boxes full of ephemera and my jewelry making things.

 Oh my! Oh my! My paper stash is OUT OF CONTROL!! ... and this ain't even all!!
 A tisket, a tasket a paintbrush basket! My journals are next to that along with my cropadile .. the big bite.
This is looking to the right side of the room.... That big ole desk there cost me a grand total of $25 at an estate sale! It holds all my other mixed media and painting supplies... below are photos of the contents of all those LONNNNGGGG drawers. Sorry for the blurriness...
 The top of my desk holds my TV, more mixed media things( the painting I'm working on now... practicing.. just can't get it right though so I've got a LONG way to go), drawing pencils, watercolor pencils, pens and that cabinet holds some smaller things such as buttons, wooden spools, dominoes... etc.
This is my drawer for all the stamp rollers and brayers.
 This one holds my Pan Pastels and their applicators, Perfect Pearls and a few other little things
 This one is my smaller paper pads and things for art journaling and my She Art things.
 This one speaks for itself! I can see them all and so that makes using them so much easier!
 More mixed media! My Beeswax, Utee small jars, Distress Crackle paint, alcohol inks, Faber Castell Gelatos, Watercolor crayons...
 Another one that can speak LOUDLY for itself! Some of my paint. ... most of it anyways. Again, I can see it so it makes use a  breeze! I love those deep drawers! They just keep going, and going, and going......
 I have another taller shelf (Walmart) that holds my Where Women Create magazines, the tall glass bowl holds my Cats Eye ink pads, then there are jars of Glitter... love the way it looks in the antique jars!
 This is the other shelf bought at Home Depot (the one that was a set). I have all of my other Stampington and Company magazines here, along with some other books on the bottom shelf.
 Oh this makes me happy! I love those antique white buttons!
 Something new... I'm crazy about old bottles and that antique tape measure was my dad's.
 This room was my son's bedroom and when it came open I moved on it... this is inside the closet. I have a shelf that sits below that big ole blue one. the shelf is where I can hide "junk" and the blue one has my Christmas things inside, some tissue and crepe paper and some other things( don't tell anyone but I'm not real sure what IS in there)....
 Another desk inside my closet... holds more stuff, type writer, Your Story, printer... just stuff. storage.
 A dresser in the closet ... the top is my die cutting things.
 Shelves in the top hold my canvases and other things. Thankful for the storage!
 Inside the dresser drawers... crochet thread,
 ephemera, things from swaps,
 stickers and rubons,
 more stickers and rubons.
 I have a shoe organizer hanging on the back of my door. This is where I store all of my punches. I love how it works! I saw this idea on another blog (sorry don't know where) but it was such a GREAT idea so I tried it!

I hope you enjoyed looking around in my studio. It's a little different than last year as I've moved from my little Scrap Shack outside back in to the house.. .conveniences of running water (bathroom right around the corner from my room) , a bathroom in the house (that is a good thing .. hee hee) Food and drinks... it is just better. I'm in the process of turning my little scrap shack into a living room... an escape for me to go to read, or sew or just do whatever. Taking a while, but it is coming along slowly.  
Have a great day and God Bless,


marie said...

You have a wonderfully organized creative space! Love the long expanses of work area and I think your closet space is almost as big as my whole room!! : )

Thanks for sharing and have fun visiting everyone! It's going to be a great weekend of fun!

Anonymous said...

lots and lots of paint, I love it! Everything is so organized :) You have such a lovely studio. Thank you for sharing!


jen said...

oh wow, i love your studio, how inspirational

Donna said...

Great space for creating and lots of goodies too. I love the bottles and buttons!!!
I also have three sons, but mine are now grown and only one lives at home, but they are very good to me and even spoil me now and then!!!

Lavender Cottage said...

Great working space you have and lots of things that are new to me. I don't scrap but just started making cards and love it.

Karen Valentine said...

You are fully stocked with supplies aren't you!! It's just a fabulous place! I see many things that I am secretly jealous of! (Well not such a secret anymore! LOL!!) Thank you so much for having us over for a visit. I had a great time.

Claudia said...

You have created a wonderful space. It's chock full of all your supplies and so well organized. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Lily's Lace said...

ooooooo, I want those bottles! You are so organized and have a little bit of everything. Plus I love the cute lil fuzzy face that helps you! Come by for a visit if you have time, I'm at Lilly's Lace!-cindy

Rebecca Nelson said...

Fabulously wonderful creative space. I love organization and this is it! YUM!

Love your bottles, too! FAB!

Thanks for sharing, Lisa~

xoRebecca PS: the H's!

Diana said...

I love all of your storage. You have a lovely studio. Thanks for sharing it and your art work too.
God Bless you too.

kluless said...

You are so well organized. This looks like a wonderful place to work. Thank you for sharing!

RedBettySummer said...

Very nice. We are so similar, although I'm not a huge scrapper or stamper. I have some supplies and do it a little bit. I have an L shape desk made from counter top and I, too, have a thing for bottles. My daughter helps me limit my stash though, and I try to have a purpose for them.

Raven's Rest Studio, Jennifer Conway said...

I absolutely adore your painting style as it is developing. Good for you. I haven't mustered up the courage yet to try a larger piece. Your studio is wonderful and of course you are inspired to paint in there! *smiles* Norma

Terri said...

Supplies and more's what we need to make our projects turn out just right and my dear you are stocked and organized!! I've enjoyed your tour and your art work! TFS!!!

Unknown said...

Love your creative space. I specially love your furbabies.
Thanks for sharing.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love it, Lisa! I love that just about all of your storage is clear or see through! I really need to see what I've got on my shelves and holders or I totally forget {and then I buy more!}. Great size space and I love the work area. Even enough room for your computer!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Lisa,
Your creative space is absolutely fabulous! You've organized your multitude of supplies wonderfully. You certainly have a spacious studio.
I'm loving your paintings; you're doing a fabulous job!
Thank you for a peek into your charming studio and thank you for sharing your artwork, this was such an enjoyable visit.

Sandra Kaye said...

Love your space, and your pom poms. They are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Come visit me. Sandie

DeeDee said...

You have tons of supplies we could have tons of fun with.. and yes thsoe pommies are lovley... I just wanna mooch them... :D

thanks for visitng me todaay also...

Unknown said...

Love your very neat and organized studio space. Everything looks like it has it's own special place and easy to find. Love everything about this creative playground of yours.

Angela Weimer said...

What a beautiful large space with so many great supplies nicely organised and close at hand. Your art is beautiful too. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful day. Angela

Something Special said...

Looks like a most suitable and well equipped place for scrappin. I love all your tools. thanks for the tour.

Terry said...

Fantastic studio! My daughter is a scrapbooker. I must get her a cricut for her birthday. You have so many great organizational ideas. Thank you for sharing.

F.T said...

Beautiful organizing but you can do more better.

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