Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me....

Christy Tomlinson Has listed 10 things on her blog and challenged everyone to do the same and link back to her blog... so her goes...
1) I'm only 5' tall.  I get called all kinds of "short" names, I don't mind though.  I was known as "half-pint" when I was little, er, um younger!
2) I homeschool my youngest boy.  He loves it. I love it.  AND I haven't strung him up by his toenails yet! That is what I used to say would happen if I tried homeschooling!!
3) I have a fear of water.  Once I was at the lake with some friends and had 2 life jackets on.  That's right- 2!! One one the right way and one on like a pair of shorts.  I couldn't feel the bottom when they FINALLY persuaded me to get out of the boat... well, I banged my knee all up on the prop of the boat trying to get back in.  I cried over that one and looked like a freak to all the "boat people" and haven't been back in one since then!!
4)I have a scar below my right eye.  Kinda looks like a wrinkle now that I'm older, but it is a scar.  I was around 4 or 5 years old when  I jumped to get in to the bed, missed and hit the metal bed railing.  Busted my eye/cheek up pretty badly.  Mom said I needed stitches but Daddy gave me a dollar to ease my pain and wouldn't let her take me because he knew how bad they would hurt me sewing me up! I was a daddy's girl! I miss him so much! He's been gone for 10 years.. 11 years this April.  I can't believe it's been that long.  Schleroderma is what took him from us.  He fought such a brave fight though.  2 years after diagnosis he was gone, but I have his memory with me.  I'll see him again someday though!
5) OH THIS IS A BIGGIE!!!!!!!!! I HAVE FALSE TEETH!! Yep that is right.. a whole set! I had to have oral surgery because they were so bad. I just decided to go ahead and have them all taken out.  And surprisingly, it didn't hurt.  I was put to sleep when they took them out, but the way they do it, it's not like having one pulled.  I was swollen and bruised a few days after and uncomfortable, but it didn't really hurt.  I had to go back to work (I worked at the local grocery store then) and worked for about 2 months without a tooth in my head.  And this comes from a girl who doesn't like to be seen with out makeup! So I just sucked it up and took the "teasing".  I lived.  :)  I got one set of "falsies" ha ha... and they didn't fit right.  I have a set now that is pearly white and perfect! I wanted that for years.  I do miss the ease of having teeth and not having to "go find them" ha ah!! I can't believe I'm telling ya'll this!! But I'm healthy now because I got the infection that was in there gone! I'm gummy though!! My kids now call me granny gums.... I don't  like that too much!
6)  I have a brother. No, not a major thing. But most people that know me don't know I have one! He lives in Missouri and is 12 years older than I am.  We don't hardly ever talk unless he and his family comes for a holiday.  I have a sister that lives in Tennessee and I can't make it without her- I LOVE YOU SISTER!!
7) My husband is 17 years older than I am! We met at the groc. store I was working at, talked 45 minutes right there... and the rest is history as they say.
8)This is hard... I don't have a very interesting life to tell about. Um here's one.  I was pregnant with my first child, Cody.  It was really close to my due date so I was going in for weekly checkups.  My doctor felt of my belly and asked if I could feel anything.  I said , well, no.  I was in labor and didn't even know it! He checked me and I was at 5 cm! WOW! He broke my water and 2 hours later I had a baby boy! Baby #2, Hunter... was very quick... baby #3 - I warned the doctor when he said he was going to induce me that he wouldn't have enough time to give me my epidural.  Well, I didn't! They broke my water and 45 min. later Dakota was born.  They were giving me a saddle block and I could feel him coming! They laid me back, pulled down the lights, put my feet up and he was there!!! The saddle block was barely starting to take affect when he was stitching me up.  I know if I ever have a #4 I better not be stranded anywhere! My babies are in a hurry to greet the world!!
9)I love to smell  books and paper... Yes I know I'm weird! I open a new book or magazine and stick my nose right in and sniff! Now, keep in mind that I won't do this in public.. .it is only at home. BUT my youngest little boy does it too! and he doesn't care WHERE he is! In his noes goes!!!
10)  I love Ice Cream sandwiches for breakfast! Something about ice cream first thing in the morning after just getting up is so good! Cold and yummy!

THere you have it.  10 things about me.  Not really important, but stuff and that is what makes us - US, right?
Hope ya'll have a scrappy day! I'm off to work on my Christy Tomlinson inspired wall hanging (#2)- pink and "loveee".  Don't forget to go check out her workshop - THE SHE ART WORKSHOP.  I am counting the days!!!
Happy Scrappin' and God Bless!


gssfam said...

Such a great list! You have a lot of courage to share those things with all of us blog readers! :D Way to go!

Whispers and Wishes said...

super list... and thanks for sharing about your teeth... I'm facing that myself and am A. mortally embarrassed, and B. scared. Your candor makes me feel a little less of both.