Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What do you think this is???

This is/was my idea to get fancy with a cake!! Go ahead and laugh... I did! I cut my cake in half in the pan, then decided to try to cut it to get a rounded shape. Well something went way wrong from point A to point B. It actually split and I decided to then cut it further when it just fell apart. Needless to say nobody had a piece of it but I may have to go get some. It was double layered with lots of chocolate icing in the middle and cream cheese icing on the top. I sure hope it tastes better than it looks! Just had to share this with ya! What NOT to do when decorating a cake- I better stick to scrapbooking, Hu?

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Anonymous said...

no, no tiene muy buena pinta el pastel. Este blog es un poco complicado, el ganchillo espectacular!!!
un saludo