Friday, April 30, 2010

Senior Prom 2010

Me and Cody before his Prom

Below is Gracie... looks like she's smokin' a cigar! Nope, just her bone... so gross, but she loves them!!  Next is Monique pinning the flower on his jacket.  Look at the look in his eyes! He really loves this little girl!!  After that is Cody with his MawMaw giving her sugar before he left for Prom.

I love this picture of them!! Can't believe this is my baby!!

This new thing on blogger is really confusing! Hard to get the picts and words together like I like to do it!!
Have a great night out in blog land!!
Happy Scrappin'


Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Our kids grow up so fast! Cute couple!

Unknown said...

Very Handsome!! My baby is soon to follow... they DO grow up too fast!!