Sunday, September 13, 2009

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.....

Well, the rain is gone from me, but not outside! Today is Sunday and it is a much better and brighter day (even though it is going to be raining all day long!!)!! I'm glad I've got through another case of "the cruds"... kind of like the SUDS that Sponge Bob gets. Yes, we have to go through Sponge Bob exposure nearly everyday here at my house!

Thanks for the sweet comments you left for me, Prayers work!!

I went through my pictures from this summer and thought I share some here. Some of the good stuff...
This one is the way I feel. Clouds are clearing and nothing but blue skies above!

I saw this and thought to myself...WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT!!!???

It looked like some sort of alien peeking up to spy on me!!

So I went to the other side of the porch and found this guy! I've never saw the underside of a grasshopper before so if I hadn't went to the other side, I'd have never known what it was!

I was entertained so much over the summer by this little guy and all his buddies! I laughed so hard as they would try to knock each other away from the feeder! They are so cute, but they can be ruthless!!

And then there is this lonely little guy. He just stopped in for a bit- almost like he was posing for me! I got several pictures of him, but liked this one the best.

I have been so busy lately! That is a good thing too, keeps my mind busy. I have so many projects that I'm working on now. I have a class coming up on the 26th of this month and I'm working on projects for 5 classes I'm teaching at the Scrapbook Extravaganza in November. I have to get 4 of my class projects finished by Tues. of this week coming up. So I'm up extra early to get my blog updates posted and then to work on a Christmas Canvas project and then on to do a Grungeboard book. Finished the clock last night and can't wait to show it! It turned out so pretty, not to brag on myself, but I'm proud of that one. Going to update posting on The Scrapbook Attic blog

Have a great day!!
Happy Scrappin'

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Unknown said...

Hi Lisa! So excited to see fellow "Searcians" blogging. Very cute blog! Think I'll follow!!