Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Deep Freeze! Lots of pictures....

We were hit last week with ice and MAJOR power outtages. Some people have still not got their power back. My mom just got her's turned back on Sunday....it went off on Tues. I think. Ours went out Tues. morn. and stayed off for what seemed like an eternity. We, er well, my husband cooked out on the grill for us for supper on Tues and Wed nights. By Thursday I hadn't got to wash my hair or shower and was about to go nuts staying here with no contact to the "outside world". He told me to look for a motel room in the town we live close to, so I did. I think I got the last room available period. BUT... wouldn't you know it, he called about 8 that night and our power was back on. It stayed on until yesterday morn. It went out sometime in the early morn. because I woke up at 5 am in the dark. It came on again last night. We are very fortunate because we had heat and it wasn't off nearly as long as some. Here are a few pictures from the Winter Blast '09.. that is what the TV called it.

This is the rental house we used to live in... the kids played out there under those trees at one time :)

This is the cemetary in town... where my dad is. There is a tombstone under the tree limb, if you look close you can see it.

...looking back up the hill toward my dad's headstone

This is over by my dad's headstone...these are huge cedar trees and the limbs were everywhere.

This is daddy....the one with the cross in front of it.

There were some really pretty trees to be seen.

and this is beautiful, I know what it is...but look at it. It really is pretty, to me anyway.

This one is the view from the hill my dad is buried at. It is beautiful...

Our park and lots of tree limbs down...

and last but not least...one of my cutsie nieces... look at the little arms stuck in her overalls!

Look at those eyes!!

I haven't been on in quite awhile and I hate being a bad blogger! Seems like things have just been upside down for this reason then that one! But maybe I'll get back on track before long....maybe I can post regularly, we'll see.

Happy Scrappin' and good night!

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