Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Morning...

I am about to go to work and just wanted to post a little bit. I've been kind of down in the dumps lately... won't go in to all the details, but just blah-y. I was sitting here this morning and something occurred to me to lift my spirts a little.

Last week a girl came in and gave me $20 to pay for her class for this past Sat. I took it and put it in my purse. I was leaving work and walked by a lady sitting in her car crying talking to someone on her cell phone. I got in my car to go home and it was all I could do not to walk back up and talk to her. I'd overheard her say "we don't have any money". I felt like I should give her my $20. Well, I didn't and I'd prayed God would give me another opportunity to give. At church that night they collected the offering and I opened my purse to get $1.00 out ... there was the $20. So I gave my $1 + the $20. I didn't think anything else about it and yesterday I got a check from CTMH!! It was more than the $20. I knew it was coming, but just expected it later... I've always heard if you give for, and to, the Lord, you will be blessed greater than what you gave. It is always true!! Just a little thought for you !!

Well, I'd better go get ready or else I'll be late :)
Hope you all have a great day!!
God Bless and Happy Scrappin'


Kristin said...

Good Morning!..I think blah-yness (that's a take on your word :) ) must be going around because I have felt the same exact way lately. I think it is so neat when God gives us little reminders in the 'down' times that He is concerned with all areas of our lives. It doesn't necessarily take away all of the things contributing to the current mood but gives us a little bit of joy along the way. May there be more reminders for you of how special you are and how much He cares! Kristin

Teresa said...

That was a very nice thing to do. I remember when I was a small girl, I was curios about different religions. I was with a group of boys who were loosly related to some family friends of our. They were going to a church and asked if I wanted to join them. They told me that in this church when the tray came round you take money from the pot because the church is very rich and was chariatable. Well I was too young or too stupid to reallise that these boys were making fun of me and they took the money and left me to deal with the congregation. It sounds funny now, but it most definitely wasn't at the time, so I am very careful with how I give to charity these days, I usually give my time not my money, they are as valuable as each other.