Sunday, April 27, 2008

Slow cooker sunday, beautiful photo, Donna Downey, and pancakes!

Look at this picture! I am so amazed at the beauty and the fury in these clouds. We had a storm pass through the other day and I was home with Dakota, he was sick again :( But I stood in the door *like an idiot* and it was lightening all around. I could not resist taking the pictures! I am getting more and more addicted to taking pictures! I love it!

Today is my Slow Cooker Sunday. I have butterfly chops in the crock pot this morning. I love cooking that way. I wash them really good and massage them as water runs over them, I do think this helps tenderize them. I put them in the pot then massage BBQ (Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, trying a new one- not sure how it will be but I've heard it is good) back to the recipe... put the sauce on them, pour just a little dab more in there with them and sprinkle a little What's This, yes that is the name of it, seasoning on them all ( a special seasoning we have around here.. and it is FANTASTIC on EVERYTHING! Menu for tonight: BBQ Butterfly pork chops, carrots, fried potatoes, and hot rolls. Yes... I make a menu for every night of the week. It works, and it makes fixin' a lot easier.

I am exahusted! I stayed up until midnight watching Donna Downey videos on You Tube. I'm not a stalker, but she is just so funny! I love watching her time lapse videos! She has inspired me to get out my paint and just play! It was good yesterday and I think I'm going to do it again today! Oh and I think I'm also starting to talk like her... I noticed it this morning on the phone with my hubby. I think he thinks I'm on something- NOT! I'm so hyper these days. I'm just happy and INSPIRED!! Maybe it is the LEGAL steroids I've been taking. I feel good! MAYBE I'm about to be all better after the tooth thing. OH... and the little package that the medicine came in is a clear case with a couple of hinges on it. Like a credit card case, but bigger and clear. I'm going to do something with it. You can make scrapbook stuff out of just about anything!

I'm hooked on microwave pancakes! I have to have one every morning! Quick, easy and good!
I'm down to the last bite of my yummy pancake, it is 8:40 am and I do need to go start getting ready for church. I can't wait to get there. I'm back in and so happy. I missed a long time... was out for a few months and now I'm so happy to be back in there! I'm getting fed and feeling the difference.

Have a wonderful day!! I know it will be a good day!!

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