Sunday, December 23, 2007

Excitement in the air!!

Christmas is coming! It is just a couple of days away now and I'm not sure who is more excited: the boys or myself!! My hubby will be home tonight and will put my desk together for me in the morning. I can't wait to get it all finished. Here is a picture of our mantle. I love these flowers!

Here is a before picture of my scraproom... The desk I have now is just too big- and falling apart, literally!! We have moved it hmmm.... 3 times and each time something has fallen off! I think it is balanced now and put together with one bolt and one other screw!! I love the cubes that Target sells. They are perfect for a desk. I had a desk top from another set I had and we are just using it and 4 cubes. Hubby says will not be enough room, I say yes there will be. I'll post later to tell you who was right ( me) and who was wrong ( him ) HA!! HA!! I don't need that much room. I'll have a scanner and the monitor on top and that is it ( that is all for now ) and my Epson Picture Mate will go down on one of the shelves. It will all fit and be perfect! But, of course, I'm the optimistic one! Anyways... Here are the before pictures for my scrap room.

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