Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hidy HO! Howdy! Hello! Good Evening!

Well, had my class yesterday and my mini album was a big hit! They loved it! Goodie goodie goodie! It WAS worth all that work I put into it :)

Hmmm.... seems like I'm blogging so little that when I do, I have lots to say! I got a laptop, think I mentioned that in the last blog entry. I did exchange it because it had problems from the get go. The period key didn't work half the time. It was a good one, fast and just good all around. I got the Dell, and didn't really like it. So I exchanged it for the Toshiba I have now. I love it! Finally have one that I like AND it works. It has room for 4 GB more of RAM and I can't wait to get more for it... should be really fast then.

We put up a wall here and I finished the drywall and painted it- twice! The first color was WAY off ...nothing like the paint chip I had. The second color is just right. The other side of the wall faces the kitchen and it is barn red- LOVE IT!

Just wanted to check in for the "I'm alive" report in.... nothing new or exciting going on right now. I do have another layout ready to show you but I'm too pooped to pop right now! painted 2 walls today, did 8 loads of laundry, did all the regular housework- so now I'm exhausted. We all get this way,right!?
Good night and Happy Scrappin'