Monday, November 17, 2008


I went to the Hot Springs Scrapbook Extravaganza weekend before last and I'm just now getting back to normal. It was sooo fun, but I was sooo tired when we were done! It is check in and crop on Friday, then classes all day on Sat. and I mean all day. We started at 8 am and finished up sometime after 6 pm. We had tons of stuff in our classes and they were all great. I shopped, spent WAY too much money and made some new friends... this gal in particular. She is so sweet! I saw her in line and she reminded me of a very well known scrapbook gal... so me being the me I am, went to talk to her and told her who she reminded me of. What do you think??? BUT I ALWAYS think somebody looks like someone else... all the time!
This is Jennifer...

I think she looks like Donna Downey!

I stayed on the 10th floor and was amazed at how nice the room was! It was the first time away ALONE for me! Well, completely alone! And it was sooooo nice! I ordered pizza in both nights and ate till I couldn't move!
On Friday night I heard a siren somewhere around 10. I looked out wondering what was going on... then I saw the fire truck, then the second one pulled up!

I called down to the front desk to see what was going on and she said someone had smelled gas. I called my friend who was just checking in and she said I needed to go ahead and come on down they were getting everyone down stairs just in case we had to leave the building. So I got ready in a panic and opened the door and whew! the smell was horrible! I was afraid of getting on the elevator, so down the stairs I headed!! I was on the phone with Kathy and was running down the stairs! It looked just like it does in the scary movies too! I could just see a bad guy waiting for me in there... so I get dizzy I was running so fast going down, down, down, then I get to the ground floor and try to go out and there was a utility room looking
place when I opened the door! and the next floor down was dark and even more scary looking.. so I told Kathy... NO WAY.. so I ran back up 3 flights of stairs to the elevator. I figured getting stuck in the elevator 3 stories up was not too bad, so I chanced it! I got in and down I went.. to a room full of people!
One of my friends said the news station was there, so I being the scrapbooker I am, went out (with everyone else doing it!) and took this picture...

Came back in and took this one!

The hotel management said it was nothing but a false alarm and told us we were good to go back to our rooms somewhere around 11pm ( I THINK) it was late I know that!
I asked that guy if it was just a false alarm what was the gas smell that was so strong on the 10th floor??? He said, well, we have it taken care of. Come to find out it was the smell of 4 pilot lights going out in the kitchen and the fumes were sucked up in to and out on the floors!

Our theme this year was SCRAPPIN' IN THE 50's... I think there were 600 ladies there! Pretty sure they sold out of tickets. If anyone out there is reading this that travels to scrapbooking conventions... this is one you will want to come to next year! The website is

These are some of my scrappin' friends...

This is the view from my room! It was so pretty! I can't wait to go back!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and this is just my luck! I waited until a little after 9pm to leave and not long after I left, they called MY NAME for a DOOR PRIZE!! I knew that would happen, but I was SO tired and SO hungry that I had to go up to my room... but it was still good. Not getting that door prize or being evacuated from my room didn't keep me from having a good weekend! I am ready for next year - already!

Have a good day everybody!!!!!!!
Happy Scrappin'!!


Joey said...

wow, what a busy time you had! i must admit i would have been so frightened running down those stairs!. glad it was all sorted out. The photo you took of the fireman is fabulous, I love how his stripes have shown up the way they

Anonymous said...

We sure had a good time didn't we?!? I loved the group photo of all of us.