Thursday, December 4, 2014

From a sketch to a canvas board

I copied my drawing on my inkjet printer and covered just the drawing with transfer medium (Gel Medium works just fine too). Lay it glue side down on the canvas, burnish it. Let it dry, then lightly spritz the paper with water and start rolling the paper away. Be careful because too much rolling and you will roll your image away. When I had all the paper wiped away I used Crayon de Ache watercolor crayons mixed with a bit of gesso to color him. His cap is just plain acrylic paint. The fuzz on the cap, eyebrows, beard and mustache are joint compound mixed with white paint. Love that stuff for texture!! The background is scrapbook papers collaged on with some joint compound smeared messily here and there - I used a stencil to get the pattern. Full of great texture!! He's not finished just yet but close. I plan to add greenery and pine cone die cuts, and a title. This is done on a 9X12 canvas board.

Santa Claus is coming to town!!

Santa and the process of getting him in my journal. I love drawing!! Taking a stark white, blank page and a pencil and turning it into a picture is amazing! My abilities though, I owe all to God. I cannot do this without Him. He let's me, He helps me to do what I love so very much and that's even more amazing! Feeling so blessed :-)

Friday, October 3, 2014

October is one of my favorites!

This is a 6x6 canvas made 100% with Faber-Castel Gelatos. I LOVE these!! Easy to apply, contain themselves nicely and great cleanup! What more could a girl want??
I started with yellow, then orange, and then added red (just rubbed them right on the canvas) I added just a tiny bit of water and rubbed with my fingers and blended the colors into one another as I went up into the "sky".
At the bottom I added black, just like above- rubbed it all over the bottom half and added some gray and brown in the areas I wanted little dips in the earth to be (like sunken graves- skeeeeery)
Next I drew a big old tree using the gray Gelato. I added black here and there to give it that old tree look. For the branches I dipped my wet brush into black Gelato that I had rubbed on my mat. I painted black limbs and scary looking "arm-like" branches using black and gray and highlights of white. The crow is painted with black (looks more like a duck in my opinion!)
Lastly, I lightly drew the shape of the old house with black Gelato (leaving tiny spaces for the windows- to be peeked out of!) Color those tiny windows in?? NO! The sky background shows through in the right place so it looks like it's all lit up! (Cookin up somethin creeeeepy in there!!!??) Add some touches of gray and white to the house to give it a look of old wood. And if you look close - you can see the little lady of the house standing on the porch... She's the good witch though- nothing too scary for me!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drawing- makes me so happy!

I have discovered how much I enjoy drawing lately. Just makes me relaxed and so happy. This is my version of a beautiful painting from Pinterest. I wasn't going to attempt the bird so I improvised by giving her a ruffled shirt.

Friday, May 30, 2014

I have decided to move. Not too far... you can find me at
Please come follow me over there. I have decided to keep this one but will mainly use the other blog for art, scripture and all kinds of fun stuff! Come over and visit me and if you have marked me in your favorites, please mark the new blog address too. See ya there!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

I am just about to scream!!! New technique... and it's CHEAP!!

Look at this!! I cannot believe how easy this looks! And to know it's done with cheap school glue blows my mind! I CANNOT wait to try this!!

Now... off to work on this lil ole blog design since I've not been here in awhile! A change is what it needs, yes it does!
Good night and God Bless
Oh, and Happy Scrappin' too!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am alive and well ...

...and I have a new job!!! I work at the Humane Society and LOVE IT!!!! I am making these bracelets as a fundraiser for our sweet fur babies that live at our shelter.
More updates to come on living, loving, life, and moving forward.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Not a pretty post. Not today.
I was thinking, I do a lot of that lately. Unplugged from Internet, except on my phone, no TV in my bedroom ... The very things I thought I couldn't live without and yet I'm still living. I'm breathing. And crying. And hurting. I'm going through a divorce. But why do they say going through? It's like falling in a hole, not passing through anything. And after leaving my lawyers office I thought about how I was feeling... Pain and it's just the beginning. They are like doctors - lawyers are. They both perform services, they both remove something when needed. But a lawyer separates this life, a whole other person who you've grown attached too- regardless of how you were treated, attached none the less. But the removal is so long and drawn out. The pain seems unbearable but yet you are awake, living, trying to function. At least with a doctor it's over faster and they do give you anesthetics. But a lawyer will finally remove the bad part but doesn't throw it away... He leaves it whole and you have to see it sometimes. Its inly then that you realize you can actually hurt worse. Because that which was attached and you loved you cant have back. Can only see from afar. And then the lawyer leaves this gaping hole in what used to be your life. And he doesn't sew it up- you're left to deal with the wound, the pain. You stitch it up as best you can but its still not enough. You can't repair it. So you do the best you can and hope it heals quickly. But it don't. You hurt and ache. Even though you know what was removed was for the best in the long run he was still part of your life for seven years. Good and bad he was at least there.
I'm homesick. So bad. I had to go in there tonight for the first time in 7 days. He wasn't home yet. I've not seen him in nearly 21 days. I had to leave as things just wasn't getting any better. But there still not. I've cried all evening and all night.
I've lived through this before. I tried to prepare myself for the days and nights like this but how do you prepare for this? I mean really? Why can't men just love? Love us like their supposed to? Not perfection but fairly?
I said it wouldn't be a pretty post.
Those will come. In the future. Spring will be here. A new start. A new place to live. New ground ripe and ready for flowers to be planted. They will grow. I will grow. Leaves will come on and so will I. But for today. It's hurts. Hard to remember the bad stuff but I have to try. I'm crying because I'm missing what I never really had in the first place. If that makes sense?
I'm at mommas. Listening to the cat play with something, the hum of the fan, which feels so nice. We've had the flu and my lil guy still has it. He's usually a talker but hasn't said much in three days. I miss him. I want him to hurry and get better so I can tell him he talks to much! Lol! It's part of who he is and he's to sick to be himself. Poor guy.
So I pull myself together one more time. Say my prayers and hope for a better tomorrow.
Nite and God Bless!

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