Thursday, December 4, 2014

From a sketch to a canvas board

I copied my drawing on my inkjet printer and covered just the drawing with transfer medium (Gel Medium works just fine too). Lay it glue side down on the canvas, burnish it. Let it dry, then lightly spritz the paper with water and start rolling the paper away. Be careful because too much rolling and you will roll your image away. When I had all the paper wiped away I used Crayon de Ache watercolor crayons mixed with a bit of gesso to color him. His cap is just plain acrylic paint. The fuzz on the cap, eyebrows, beard and mustache are joint compound mixed with white paint. Love that stuff for texture!! The background is scrapbook papers collaged on with some joint compound smeared messily here and there - I used a stencil to get the pattern. Full of great texture!! He's not finished just yet but close. I plan to add greenery and pine cone die cuts, and a title. This is done on a 9X12 canvas board.

Santa Claus is coming to town!!

Santa and the process of getting him in my journal. I love drawing!! Taking a stark white, blank page and a pencil and turning it into a picture is amazing! My abilities though, I owe all to God. I cannot do this without Him. He let's me, He helps me to do what I love so very much and that's even more amazing! Feeling so blessed :-)