Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peek from The Girl's Loft!

Hey ya'll!! I have been one busy little gal lately! I have this blog and now THIS blog. I am so excited about what is going on over there! Make sure you check it out!!

But there are also great things going on right here...
Like this! A sneak peek at the Sept. Girl's Loft kit. Looks so good!

I can't wait to use it for some of these...
First Day of School!!!!!!!!!!!

My 3 sons!
Cody's first day of his Senior year, Hunter going in the 8th grade and my 3rd grader... growing so fast!

Ahhhh... finally! Home at last!!

Well, it is late and I'm sleepy so I'm going to call it a night!
Good night all and Happy Scrappin'

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Blog... go check it out...

Hello! I have started a NEW BLOG. It is for THE SCRAPBOOK ATTIC & MORE You need to go see what they have going on in November. This is what I'm taking about!!

This is HUGE!! All day crop on Friday with the option to sign up and take additional classes throughout the day, 8 classes all day on Saturday (all of which will be double page layouts), a t-shirt, and a goodie bag! And if that isn't enough there will be door prizes GALORE!! REALLY, REALLY GOOD ONES!! The vendors have always been so generous that Denise has so much to give away! If you haven't SIGNED UP yet you should do it NOW!!

This will be my 6th year to go and just let me say that each year they get BIGGER AND BETTER!! I will be teaching some of the optional classes on Friday. It is still in the works with classes and fees, so keep watching for more information. I will post sneak peeks of my projects, as well as the other designer's class projects, here and on The Attic's blog.

Have a great day everybody!
Happy Scrappin' from a "stuffy nose, sneezy, sore-thoat gal"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watermelon Festival Parade picts and scrap house progress picts

Last Sat. we had our 30th annual Watermelon Festival and I took some picts. at the parade and have to show them off!!

This cutie was on a float for our pet grooming place here in town...

This screams small town America... makes me so glad to live here!!

Seeing all these tractors was great!

This was one of the longest parades I guess I've ever seen come through! Probably lasted a good 40 minutes! It was worth every minute being out in the heat!

My scrap house is coming along, slowly but surely.
I took this pict. standing at the front of the building.

It is approx. 12 feet wide and 20 feet long. It is a good room size...but when I start putting my junk in there I'm sure it will seem like it is shrinking with every item added :) BUT... the room/space I'm in now is much smaller so having a place for everything will seem really nice! I can spread it all out a bit more when I get the building finished and that I can't wait for!
This is from the back door.

We have it wired and the ceiling joists put up. Next is insulation and then the sheetrock... and the sheetrock and labor will be approx. $850!! WOW! That is so expensive... so that we will wait on for a bit...I can go out and dream now though!

I am soooo undecided on the paint colors. I want it to be either a shabby French thing with pink and creamy white walls and trim with black accessories, or white with pink. I may even paint it green and use my pink stuff I have already... I painted nearly everything I have pink at one point :)

I love my little building and I'm so glad that my hubby had the idea! I just can't wait to get it finished! I would really like to have my classes in there, but I doubt there will be enough room for that :)

Happy Scrappin'!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Found this... thought it might be fun....

You can play this too, just cut and paste, add your own response and paste into your blog…

One Word:
you’re feeling: tired
to your left: my Sprite
on your mind: taking a hot bath
last meal included: Hamburger Helper Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, carrots and a roll- oh and that ever important SPRITE! Can't live without those!
you sometimes find it hard to: leave my computer!
something you have a collection of: key chains from different states
a smell that cheers you up: Febreeze Springtime smelly good plug ins
a smell that can ruin your mood: DON'T ASK...I LIVE WITH 4 MALES IN THE HOUSE 2 BIG 2 LITTLE - YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE!!!
how long since you last shaved: night before last (legs...important to tell since I am a girly girl)!!
the current state of your hair: pulled up as usual in a clip
the largest item on your desk/workspace right now (not computer): printer
your skill with chopsticks: NONE...never used them- NEVER ATE CHINESE!
which section you head to first in the bookstore: The craft magazines!
…and after that?: Home improvement/gardening
something you’re craving: was ice cream until about 20 minutes ago :)
your general thoughts on politics: They are all nuts!!I just don't watch the news!!
how many times you’ve been hospitalized this Year: NONE thank my Good Lord above!
a favorite place to go for quiet time: my bedroom or out at my fish pond
you’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: counselor
something that freaks you out a little: Algae/ mold
something you’ve eaten too much of lately: everything!Popcorn...
you have never: had a broken bone
you never want to: feel like I'm without my Lord and Savior! He's always there, sometimes I lose sight of that, but He doesn't leave ME!!

Hope all is well out in blog land tonight! I have some pictures to put up of my little scrap-hut progress, but I'll have to save for another post... that hot bath is calling my name!!!

Good night and Happy Scrappin'